Christmas Already!!!

Its still only August but Christmas comes early for us crafters as we need to get organised! This week I made some samples for a company called Jolly Nation, lovely 3D scene box cards, some really cute characters, you can't fail to impress with these!

These were on QVC the other day (craft day) and sold out in about 5 minutes!

I'm so lucky i got a spare pack so will use these for my special people this xmas.

Remember these are 3D and fold flat so use a strong double sided stape and some tiny glue blobs for extra strength - you dont want one of the middle bits to fall out! The sheets are all numbered to show you which bit goes where and there are instructions - only keep one sheet on your work surface at a time though - as they are die-cut some bits fall out and it can get confusing if you have bits everywhere!!

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