Goodbye 2010

In a few hours we wave 'Goodbye' to 2010 and hope that 2011 brings better things. 2010 was a mixed year for me, on the one hand some incredible things happened for me and on the other there were some big struggles, it was a BIG improvement on 2009 though so I'm hoping 2011 will be better again and a positive year for everyone and bring happy things to all.

This year has taught me....

- Not to trust people instinctively - I always trust what people say and yet again this year it's led to a few issues for me, from now on everything will be double confirmed and in writing!

- Not to give too much away - people only know what you tell them, so don't give too much away!

- Weigh up the options properly before taking your steps - the quickest option isn't always the best, sometimes waiting is better!

- Don't let people hold you in the past - keep moving forward!

- Don't be paralysed by fear - whats the worst that can happen?

- Don't always say 'yes' I'm not Superwoman and I hate to let people down

And my new years resolutions are....

- Cut out anyone toxic from my life - Anyone who takes and takes and never gives or makes me feel bad about myself or my choices or makes me sad is GONE - life is too short to hang on to these 'vampire' people that suck the life from me, this will also give me more time to concentrate on all the wonderful people I have in my life or could have in my life!

- Spend more time creating - I've felt this year that I haven't had as much chance to be creative as I would like, this year is going to be my most creative year yet!

- Concentrate on CHANGE - this is my word for the year, there are changes I have been wanting to make for some time and this is the year they happen!

- Enjoy the moment - often when I achieve something I immediately think "but now what?" from now on I will enjoy my achievements and revel in them a little bit instead of beating myself up about the next thing

- Be Brave - Just do it! Whats the worst that can happen?

- Be ME all of the time - Sometimes I find myself conforming to what I think people think I am (if that makes sense) but no more, I'm the only version of 'Me' there is so I have to do a good job of it!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year, 2011 is going to be INCREDIBLE! :o)

Sarah x

Spring Cleaning

It feels so murky outside at the moment with all the piles of dirty slush everywhere and the fog, its really horrible, it makes me want to get all the things at home shipshape and shiny for the New Year. B spent today cleaning the upstairs of the house (I just have to finish organising my studio) and tomorrow we are shopping for some organisational stuff, we desperately need more storage! I think every crafter thinks that the next box / pot or organiser will change their life, I'm hoping the next one will really get me on track :o)

I also need to transfer everything to my new diary and notebook and get my New Year 'To-Do' list ready to go, file away my old paperwork and make sure my accounts are done to the end of the year (thats actually B's job not mine, I'll just tip out a load of old bags and purses so he has all the receipts, LOL) Then I need to start listing my NY resolutions, I think I have all mine ready and I'm really looking forward to making some changes. I noticed on Facebook / Twitter etc.. that lots of people were talking about their "one little word" which I now know is related to the Ali Edwards class over at Big Picture. I think it's a great idea to have something to keep you on track and I'm pretty sure I know what mine will be. I just need to make something pretty with it on to keep on my desk for the whole year....

Speaking of pretty, check out the lovely ring I wore today *sigh*

Sarah x

Christmas - Part 2

Christmas Day was lovely, we woke up to the smell of the turkey and with stockings from Santa waiting round the tree (for all of us this year not just the little ones - yay!) Then Taz and Shaun came over and we started the present exchanging - we don't give all our presents in one go like some people do, we spread them out throughout the day so the excitement lasts longer!

Here is the tree, behind Xena being very intense on Mario Kart Wii! and a little close up....

And both little squishies opening their Santa Stockings.... (See the concentration in their faces!)

And B opening his....

Dinner was scrummy, my BIL actually said he thinks its the best one he ever had! (I made the Beef Shaun, don't forget that!) of course some people can't resist playing with their food, meet Tazzy the red-babybel-nosed reindeer, LOL......

I'm feeling much better today after a 15 hour sleep!! and I've spent the whole day in my new Eskimo PJ's and Christmas slippers, bliss!

My poor little squishies are still ill, I hope they get better soon, it's horrible being ill at Christmas, especially when you have new toys and just want to play!

Sarah x

Home Sweet Home!!

So today we finally arrived home again! It doesn't matter how much of a lovely time you have away there really is nothing like coming home again!

Soooo... about my trip, get yourself a cuppa, it's a long one....

Firstly we had a nine, yes NINE! hour journey to get there (we didn't know if we would actually make it!) most of which was standing on squished trains or icy platforms holding a fat little pooch and all of our luggage - one of my arms is still shaking from the nerve damage I endured that day!! but we finally got there and my BIL very kindly come to pick us up from the station - I have never been more pleased to see him!

We were all ill over Christmas except my dad but we rallied round and still had a fabbo time, none of us were really up for party games but sitting round together opening pressies and stuffing our faces with mummy making us tea with whiskey in it (it's medicinal apparently, and who were we to argue!) was lovely. Most unusual present went to my sister this year who bought her BF a Bungee Jump - "Merry Christmas Dear, jump off a bridge"... nice!

We did have a few trips out, mostly Christmas shopping and food shopping, although I finally got to see my sisters chickens and ducks that they keep, there are even a few wallabies round there! They were super cute, I'm not that keen on birds but I could have been tempted by a wallaby (imagine holding that for 9 hours on the train though!)

Here are a few of the 14 chickens they now have....

and a fresh egg straight from the chickies botty that morning.... (thats my sis holding that BTW, I wasn't risking chicken poop on my gloves!)

Xena with Humbug

Some evil looking Geese....

And my favourite duck....

Thats all for today as I have 50 squillion emails to catch up on! More Christmas piccies tomorrow :o)

Sarah x

Nearly There!

Just a little way to go, Christmas shopping is almost done, me and my mum sneaked into town late last night to beat the crowds which worked like a charm, although my mum just got herself pressies and I employed the "one for me, one for you" rule to get me through it!

We just need one last trip to Tesco this evening and hopefully we will be done, especially as I am now ill! Can you believe it?! With delays and things we were standing around in the cold for 9 hours! My bronchitis is back with a vengeance, I'm taking it a bit easy and hoping to be better for the big day though :o)

Today I went to see the little squishies Chickens and Ducks, its such a lovely place for them, like a little city farm but they are part of it and have their own animals there - I'll post the pics when I get back to my own pooter (I'm on mummys laptop right now)

I'm off now to wrap up warm for one more trip into the snow - eeek! and tomorrow I'm spending the whole day doing art with the squishies, any excuse to get up to my elbows in paint!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Sarah x

Getting Organised!

Today I spent the day tidying up all the loose ends in time for Christmas, the last orders went - a bit of a rush at the end there! Wonderland has sold out AGAIN! (but you can still pre-order for despatch early in the New Year) the last of our Christmas cards were sent, OH dropped off the pressies at his mums and picked up ours :o)

I also spent an unexpected 2 hours (!!) on the phone to my friend who I havent spoken to for too long, it was so nice to catch up and the time just melted away, you don't realise how much you miss someone sometimes.

So with all that done, all that remains is to pack and spring clean and we will be almost ready! I'm sure there are tons of things I've forgotten. I've prepared my 'To Do' list for when I get back, hopefully I will be all refreshed from the break and not manically stressed form travel / snow problems!

Lots of emails to catch up on now, so best I make a start. I will also be posting the challenge this week which will be the last one until the New Year, and will have a special prize :o) so don't forget to check the Challenge Blog on Thursday!

Sarah x

One week to go!!!

So this time next week (weather permitting) I will most likely have opened all my pressies, be stuffed after a lovely turkey dinner and probably playing xbox with my dad or party games with my little squishies - I can't wait!!! Now I just need all the snow to go away to make sure we can get there!! This is the view from the window today....

There is SO much snow! But rain is expected tomorrow so I'm hoping it washes it all away! Today I have spent all day working, frantically trying to get everything finished before we go, so much to do so little time (as ever!) At leaset there is no X-Factor to distract me this week!

Sarah x

All work and no play.....

i've been working frantically for the last few days trying to get everything finished for the Christmas break. i'm praying it doesn't snow too hard or it will mess the trains up and I won't get to the 'rents house next week - that would RUIN my Christmas! :o(

I've finally got hold of a diary and started filling it in, it's quite exciting to see how the beginning of the New Year will take shape! All my Christmas cards are done and either sent or ready to be sent. My mum wraps my pressies for me (and OH wraps my mums) so not got to worry about that! My mum is an awesome wrapper-upper (honest mummy I'm not just saying because I know you will read this or anything!)

I've been taking little "play" breaks with my Promarkers and colouring pencils to keep me going, a little bit of fun stuff in between really helps...

Here is another experiment with Derwent Coloursoft pencils onto their Black Book - it will be a Christmas Tree when I'm finished - I'm just trying to get the 'glow' of the lights right....

There is literally just a few days to get free shipping in my shop now with the code FREESHIP

Please pop over to the Challenge Blog to take part in our latest challenge!

Now I'm off to cheer myself up with Tiger Bread, Lurpak, Chicken and Fudge Cake - probably not all at the exact same time! For some reason today I've been RAGING! For no real reason, a few things didn't go quite to plan this morning and what started as a little irritation grew and grew - silly really! After taking a break for some shopping and a nice lunch I was feeling much brighter though - funny how these weird days can hit you, I blame it on the red hair! LOL.

Sarah x

Christmas Cards

On Sunday I finally got a whole day in my studio to make Christmas Cards, after spending about 3 hours making 10 (all from my Christmas Cheer! CD of course!) I realised I'd have to be quicker though! So I decided to do a little illustration that I could use with my scallop punch and then use on my cards - this should cut back on some of the embellishing / stickle drying time.....

So here is our finished family and friends Christmas card - the one for my clients etc... is slightly different as they obviously won't know who B or Fuzzybutt are! (sorry mum for spoiling the surprise, this is what your Christmas card looks like!)

So tonight I will be finishing off the last of these ready to mail out over the next day or two - must do international first!! Can't believe how quickly this has come around, This is the last work week for me before Christmas!

Today was an up and down kind of a day seemed to go from fantastic news one minute to people being difficult the next minute. I also had to let someone down today as I had been let down by someone else, I really hate to do that and had a little cry after my profuse apologies. Although they were very understanding, it's horrible after someone has been supportive and nice to you to then not be able to do the same back. Makes me so angry that I was taken advantage of and that it has left me in this position. Please think of others when you do things, something that may seem minor to you could ruin someones whole day / week and have a knock on effect on others. *steps off soap box*

I'm currently reading 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne, its a kind of follow-up to 'The Secret' and encourages you to be positive and give out love and light no matter what, so...... On the plus side I started looking at all the things have lined up and there are some super duper things!! I was actually supposed to be putting them in my 2011 diary before realising I havent got one yet!!!! Emergency diary hunting has started, I'm quite fussy as i have to look at it for a whole year, so if you know of any nice ones or have one in your etsy shop etc...then leave me a linkeroo so I can have a look - ta muchly!

One week exactly now to get free shipping in my shop with the code 'FREESHIP' pop over and grab yourself something bargainous, you deserve it!

Sarah x

p.s. I am currently looking for some mixed media artists / art journalers to work on a project with a brand new product. If you are interested please pop over to the Ink-A-Ball page on Facebook and leave your blog link!

A Little Freebie!

Today the last of the 'Wonderland' CD sold out - a big thank you to everyone that ordered, we literally couldn't pack them up quickly enough - even the DT haven't had theirs yet!! New stock has been ordered and is on its way so you can still order here for delivery by Christmas.

Today I have uploaded lots of Calendar downloads to the shop - these were very popular on the Christmas Cheer! CD so now you can download the Calendars individually from the shop here or you can buy the Christmas Cheer! CD with all of them (plus all of the other stuff!) here (remember there is free shipping on everything until 20th December with the code FREESHIP at checkout!)

The freebie today (as promised!) is a Black and White calendar, you can use as is,print out on coloured or patterned paper or re-colour with your Promarkers, Pencils, Spray Inks etc.... Click the image below to download yours :o)

Have been hard at work today on some fab new products for the New Year (which is scarily close now!) but I'm off to try and reclaim the remote control in time for X-Factor now, it's completely off limits at the weekend when OH has a 2 day sport marathon - I did ask if today we could watch Footballers Wives instead of Football, but apprently it's 'not the same thing'.......

Tomorrow I must making some Christmas Cards, so far I have a grand total of......... one! eeeeeeeekkkkkk!

Also, please pop over the the Challenge Blog for some fab Christmas challenges :o)

Sarah x

p.s. I am currently looking for some mixed media artists / art journalers to work on a project with a brand new product. If you are interested please pop over to the Ink-A-Ball page on Facebook and leave your blog link!

Very Quick Post

Just a very quick post as I'm about to crash and burn again so I'm shifting myself to my sofa office :o) Luckily OH went to the library for me today so I have a stack of books for some research for a new venture, it has to be done sometime so why not now!

I will be blogging a little freebie tomorrow so please pop back!

Sarah x

More Colouring Pencil Fun!

Luckily today I was feeling almost back to normal - thank you to everyone for your well wishes! Which means I got quite a bit done (yay!) and even managed to get some alone time with my Derwent Coloursoft pencils (always good!) these pencils are my new obssession I NEED every colour!!!! Here is my latest doodle....

I must also say a big 'Thank You' to Lisa who helped me catch up today by doing the Challenge Blog for me - pop over and take a look - it's a great challenge from Paula our Guest Designer.

Just a reminder there are lots of special offers over on my website and today I added free shipping on everything with the code 'FREESHIP' until 20th December - think my Christmas Spirit has put me in a super generous mood :o)

Sarah x

A Not So Good Day....

I'm blogging early today because I think I only have an hour of energy left - maximum! I started feeling icky yesterday afternoon and when I woke up this morning I felt like someone had beaten me up with a crowbar, I couldn't even move my legs and everything hurt - yuk! I finally made it from bed to my desk about 11am and have got as much done as I can but now I need to sleep through the pain and hopefully feel better after! I'm not complaining though, this is the first bad day for a few weeks so I've been lucky, lots of positive thinking - I'll be OK tomorrow!

For those of you who placed orders yesterday, don't worry OH takes my stuff to the post office so all orders from yesterday have gone!

I'm moving my 'office' to the sofa now - sketchbook, notebook and some naff TV and I should be set! I have some illustration and writing work to do and can't afford to fall behind, I can nap in between :o)

Sarah x


Last week I made some little bird houses for a swap, so I thought I'd share some pics. I love to do altered art and these were so fun - I have one more left, just need a burst of inspiration! You can pick these up at the Artistic Stamper.

I need more things like this to alter now, have got a giraffe, a book and some little boxes to do next...

Off to bed now, today has been a bit up and down and I'm feeling wiped out, hopefully tomorrow will be better as I have a Christmas Wreath to make among other things!!

Sarah x

p.s. almost forgot, I put some fabby special offers in the shop today with CD's from just £9.99 - for a very limited time only so snap them up while you have the chance! :o)

Colouring Outside the Lines....

Over the weekend I got lots of time to play with the new Derwent goodies, so here are a few initial things to show you...

Firstly, an art journal background with the Aquatone Pencils - these are sticks of pure pigment, unlike anything else I've seen and make great effects, perfect for bright messy art journal pages!

Derwent sent me one of their black paper books - like most illustrators (I'm guessing!) I'm used to drawing on white paper so this has been a challenge to think of some different things to do - I'm working on an illustration at the moment that I'm LOVING but it's not ready to show yet. I had an experiment with the Coloursoft and Metallic pencils on the paper first to get an idea of how they look - a few experimental fireworks....

And finally, a quick sketch with the Coloursoft pencils to test the blending, I love these, they blend like no other pencil I've ever used and yet don't smudge - get them immediately!!!! These could be my favourite of all time! Although I do love those Aquatones......

A few more to try out so I'll report back on those soon!

I've also been doing some new work with my Promarkers - once you start colouring you just can't stop! I'll post some of that in the next few days :o)

And finally..... my little sister Xena, who is only 10 has written a book! isn't she clever? You can get your copy here....

Now I must get on, it feels like someone has shrunk all the days down to about one hour long and there are only 2 weeks until Christmas!!!! I'm sooo excited and yet really really need to get a lot done by then! Luckily I've been having some pretty good days health-wise so I'm getting on OK (touch wood I didn't just jinx myself by saying that!!)

Snow Update - All Gone!! we have none at all now, OH made it to the post office today so if you are waiting for something from me it's now on its way! (that includes the orders of 'Wonderland' up until yesterday - Todays will go tomorrow)

Sarah x

December Guest Designer.....

So a new month brings a new Guest Designer, we wave goodbye to the lovely Jackie, our November Guest Designer and welcome Paula!

I met Paula on Twitter and have admired her work for a long time, she has such a great style, I'm so glad she's come to join us! She will be setting the challenge next week on the Challenge Blog and it's a GOOD one! You can see more of Paula's work here on her blog, pop over and show her some love :o)


"D" (for Derwent) Day!!!

As you can imagine since the day Derwent told me they were sending some stuff to me I have been stalking the postman, couriers and anyone with a large van that happens to drive down my road ( I imagine I'm on the verge of a restraining order from one or two) but today the right one finally came, a man with a van and a box of goodies for ME!!!!!

There are so many different kinds of coloured pencils, something for everyone, rubber stampers, art journallers, crafters, artists, illustrators, honestly I don't even know where to begin!!

I can see these Aquatone pencils becoming my firm favourites, the colours are so vibrant, I've never seen pencils like it! In conjunction with these gorgeous journals I can see I'm in for a busy few days. I will post some work as I try out each kind of pencil - at the moment I'm overwhelmed, I'm just looking at the products, colours, textures, testing them and seeing what they can all do and what the differences are - I'll be sure to share my findings!

Tomorrow I'll be introducing our fabulous December Guest Designer so please pop back!

Sarah x

80's Revival!

As most of you probably know by now I LOVE vintage! my favourite is 40's and 50's but I can get on board with anything pre 90's! So each week I try to do little things, partly to try and kickstart my inspiration and put me in a good mood and partly just to use some of the lovely vintage goodies I've collected over the years. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my tweets about headscarves, puffball skirts etc etc... Well today was once again 80's day, mostly because it meant I could wear my gorgeous woolly pom pom legwarmers! It was sooo cold, the perfect time to wear them - it seemed to set off a little trend on Twitter, hello to any of my fellow legwarmer wearing Tweeters who have come to visit :o)

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a 50's / 80's hybrid day with a headscarf and more legwarmers - they do keep you nice and toasty on cold days like today!

Today the first Christmas Journalling prompt went up over on the Christmas Blog - please come and join us and share your work, the things we've seen so far have been gorgeous - I do love some Holiday Season inspiration! I did start some crafting today but my fingers were frozen in no time! I do want to try and get my first Journal page done a bit later though. I'm also working on some projects with the Ink-A-Balls which I'll be sharing soon!

Don't forget tomorrow is a new Challenge over on the Challenge Blog so keep an eye out for it!

Sarah x


The snow finally hit in the early hours of this morning and we now have about an inch, here is the view from my window this morning....

Fuzzybutt absolutely point blank REFUSED to put one dainty paw out in such freezing conditions, she's SUCH a spoilt mutt :o)

Today I asked OH to help me move my desk round, I was sick of staring at the wall! now this is my view of the room - much better!

Notice my giant Tigger cup of coffee - this is my days fuel! I didn't realise how big my desk is til we started moving it, its about 5ft x 4ft!! and I complain daily that I need a bigger one - maybe I just need less *stuff*?? Today I have nothing more interesting than that to share unfortunately, its been a day of web updating, chasing stuff up, admin, e-mails and phone calls and there is still more to do - my "To-Do" list is definitely a work in progress! I'm also finishing up some of the projects for the Christmas Crafting blog, don't forget to come and join us over there!

Sarah x


As yet, no snow in my part of the world, although we are assured by the MET office it will be here tomorrow! On one hand I love the snow, it's so pretty! but on the other hand it's so disruptive! Fingers crossed, it comes, lasts for a day and melts away leaving no trace.... ha! Fuzzybutt has been on snow watch, although right now she is curled up next to me on "inside of eyelids" watch zzzzzz....

This weekend I made my first Christmas card (finally!) using my Christmas Cheer! stamps and of course Kraft cardstock! I have SO many to make, I'm so behind! I also have my Christmas Wreath to make and some other bits and pieces to make the place a bit more festive!

Tonight I am cooking (please pray for us....) i'm going to do risotto again, I managed it last week, it was very nice and no-one died so thats always good (you can never be too sure when I'm cooking!) to say I'm undomesticated is an understatement!

The lovely Melly has some wonderful Blog Candy up for grabs so pop over and see if you are lucky enough to win!

And finally, a BIG thank you to everyone who left lovely messages on my blog or sent me messages via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and Text after my last post - I really appreciate it very much and it's lovely to feel so supported by so many!

Sarah x

p.s. if you haven't already, pop over to the Christmas Crafting blog and sign up so you receive the prompts (starting from the 1st) and projects!

Setting the Record Straight....

I hate to do a negative post after such a happy one however I want to clear a few things up. It's come to my attention from various sources that some things have been said about me, both directly and in a sneaky way to try and put me down. I'm not going to name and shame as I don't wish to stoop to that level, however I will say the following:

People who need to put others down to make themselves feel big are bullies, bullies never prosper and while initially may develop a following, those people will ultimately realise what they are about. People who indulge in this kind of behaviour should be ashamed of themselves - I thought at 30 I would no longer have to deal with this kind of "playground" situation - it's quite sad.

While of course, everyone has their own opinion and I respect that everyone is entitled to their own, you may love me, hate me or be indifferent to me - as I am to others, however you will never hear me say I'm 'better' than anyone else, compare myself or my work to anyone elses or try to belittle anyone. This is not behaviour I will indulge in. Of course I may express my opinions from time to time but I do so solely to my family and close friends who I trust and are never shared in public. I never compare my work to anyone elses because mine is different - I have no competition because my work is my own, I like and respect many other designers work and of course buy and use others designers work in my crafting. I'm not a retailer up against other retailers to compete on the price of say a particular rubber stamp because I only sell my own things and that is how I intend it to stay. Im not looking for competition, drama or confrontation.

I wish everyone the best of luck in setting, aiming for and reaching their goals - everyone is looking for something different. I'm lucky enough to have achieved some of mine, working with great companies, working with lovely people and of course I have more I want to achieve - I intend to do so without knocking anyone else down in the process.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"

Sarah x

My news......

I can finally share my news with you today - I'm sooooo excited!

if you cast your eye to the left where the "people I design for" list is you will notice a new addition.......

Thats right, Derwent!!

How exciting, Derwent have asked me to work with them on marketing their products in the craft industry and testing out some of their products - how can a girl refuse?! I love Derwent and have used their products since I can remember! When I made the decision to go freelance my OH asked me what I wanted as a celebratory pressie and I chose Derwent pencils - thats how much I love them!

I'm so obssessed with colour as you can probably tell from how much I treasure my Promarkers! so I'm looking forward to trying out the things I havent yet tried! You will be seeing lots about my progress over the coming weeks I'm sure :)

You can see why this cheered me up so much yesterday!

On another note I'd like to thank everyone that has pre-ordered the Wonderland CD - I have had to increase my initial order and I haven't even done any sneak peeks yet! Seems you are all as obssessed with Alice in Wonderland as I am!

You can also now become a 'fan' of the Ink-A-Ball on facebook - here! There will be some competitions and giveaways and more exciting stuff soon so pop over there and 'like' it :)

Thats enough excitement for one day!

Sarah x


So today I got some of my REALLY good news confirmed and I can tell all tomorrow - yay!

I have to admit the email came at the exact right time, today I was feeling a bit yucky, despite getting a good nights sleep and all that I woke up feeling weary and achy - it makes me so angry that I never know how I going to feel I just have to ride the wave and see what happens! My MIL took me shopping and I got a pink doughnut which did lift my spirits somewhat and I managed to get myself back to working this afternoon which I LOVE. I love to work so much and find it sooooo frustrating when I can't! this afternoon I was working on an article I have been asked to write about domestic violence, this is not an easy thing for me to do but I know it will help to raise awareness and so I'm determined to do it! Just as I'm feeling a bit sad and a bit blue and a few tears, the email lands in my inbox, shortly followed by a funny from my sister Taz who always seems to have a knack for sending me a funny email or text just when I need it - she says its because we're psychopathic - I say she needs a dictionary :o)

The countdown to Christmas has begun, snow is on its way (apparently) and my mum is giving me daily updates on pressie deliveries, food situation etc etc... I cant believe we are now counting down in days rather than weeks! You know its close to Christmas when M&S start selling their festive loo roll - voila!......

How cute is that? it's almost a shame to use it, although essential obviously!

Last week I got a huuuuge box of goodies from A Cherry on Top in the USA. I finally got my hands on the lovely Paris Anthology line from Pink Paislee - I had the stamps already but none of the "stuff" so now I have "stuff" too - the flowers and papers are just gorgeous! I love the album and I just can't wait to use it all!

I also finally got hold of the October Afternoon 'Modern Homemaker' range - I've been waiting for this since I saw the sneaks!! and some of the Cosmo Circa 1934 range. A BIG thanks to Vanessa at Papermaze for being so quick with getting it to me and adding stuff I'd forgotten to my order afterwards - I'm a nightmare customer! LOL Can't wait to get around to playing with all this stuff, have soooo many projects to get done so all this will be gone very soon!!

And finally, a big woooooo! as my products are in 3 (yes 3!!) magazines this week!

My Christmas Cheer! CD was named one of the "5 best" in the Making Cards Christmas Special. The Ink-A-Balls were featured in the latest Making Cards issue and my Winter Warmers collection (soon to be available on the website) and projects are in Complete Cardmaking due out this week (issue 27) - and it's only Tuesday! I wonder what the rest of the week has in store for me......

We are working on lots of Christmas projects for the new Xmas Crafting blog so if you have something you want to share then email me or leave your link and you could be featured.

Sarah x


So some of my news I can share and some I can't just yet!

Firstly, please come and join us over at the Christmas Crafting blog, this will run from now until Christmas Day, giving you inspiration, prompts and project ideas from me and the design team - we have lots of stuff ready to go up over the next few days!

Secondly, my new CD 'Wonderland' is now available for pre-order! There is also a special offer for the CD and co-ordinating ink spray set - have a look here for more details.

There will be some sneak peeks of this coming over the next week or so :o)

Finally I'd like to say a BIG congratulations to one of my DT girls - Amanda has made the Teresa Collins Design Team!!

Back with more news soon......

Sarah x


my newest member of the Design Team (as promised!)..... Patsi!

Patsi has been crafting for 4 years and loves stamping and colouring, especially Prisma pencils and of course... Promarkers! (who doesn't!!) Patsi makes some gorgeous cards which you can see on her blog here! She was so keen to join the fun that she joined in this weeks challenge before she even received her DT pack, I like that ;o)

Pop over to the Challenge Blog to see this weeks challenge, there are some fab samples this week (including Patsi's!)

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the DT - I think I have replied to everyone, that will be all for this year now as we are so close to Christmas and I have some HUGE projects on at the moment. You can still send me your blog links which I'll keep on file.

I'll be back later with another post and hopefully I'll be able to share some of my recent news!

Sarah x

Blythe Winner!

The winning name chosen for my doll was......


Chosen by these little scamps, my lovely squishies Harley and Xena.....

Can the winner contact me for their prize - thank you everyone for your suggestions!


How Cold???

Seriously, how cold is it today??? I'm wearing 2 woolly dresses over a jumper, woolly tights and ugg boots and I'm still freezing!!!! Fuzzybutt has wrapped herself up in a duvet and there is NO WAY she is budging for anyone! She makes me laugh, I looked over at her as I typed that and she stared straight back like "yeah, what?!" she's got real attitude that mutt!

The other night I was chatting on Twitter about Art Journaling - I love Twitter and Art Journaling, both allow me to vent, much like this blog! I don't often share my pages but as it's a new journal and this isn't such a terribly personal page, I will...

This is in my "non-messy" journal, the pages are so thin I can't use Promarkers or even paints really, so I'm sticking with colouring pencils, journaling pens and sakura pens - it's very difficult to now spray / ink / paint etc.... but I quite like it, its journaling I can do anywhere without needing a craft sheet, old clothes, scrap paper and a long soak in the bath after! Did you notice the pages are kraft though? so pretty! *sigh* I'm sooooo obssessed with kraft paper at the moment.

Tomorrow I will be introducing a new member of the DT - think this will be the last one before Christmas as it's fast approaching!! She is very talented and I'm really pleased she's joined us. She has got stuck straight in with the challenges so you will be seeing her work this week on the challenge blog!! She is just in time for some new products as well......

I'll also let you know the winner of my Blythe doll competition tomorrow - I need to speak to my little squishies, they are very busy people with all their animals and poultry to look after - are ducks poultry too or is it just chickens and turkeys? I'm sure they will tell me, probably with a huff and an eye roll at how little I know about farm animals except which condiment goes best with them ;o) bwahahahahahahahaha.....

Tonight is another 'rock n roll' type evening for us - snuggling on the sofa watching all the terrible TV we have Sky +'ed while I plan some work I have coming up - and probably another page in that journal!

Sarah x

Happy Mail!

After a pretty yukky Thursday I woke up to happy mail on Friday (will share soon!) yay!

Today I'm spending the whole day drawing, I seem to have so many ideas lately that I just can't get them all down!

I got a little parcel today from Eyeko which cheered me up, if you've used Eyeko you will know how fab their products are - so fab in fact that I signed up to be an ambassador (if you use the code E11890 when you order you get a free gift!) - and I NEVER do things like that!! Their Fat Balms are great as I hate to wear lipstick but I'm so pale I look like the undead if I dont wear something! and their shimmery face cream stuff can make your skin look amazing even when you feel like death warmed up! Today I got the nude nail polish - already on my fingers - and the toffee fat balm - smells lush!

I also need to get started on making my Christmas cards soon, can't believe we are halfway through November already! I'm so excited to start writing in my Christmas Journal and dig into the Advent Calendar box that the lovely Melly sent me! I'll be ooooop north knee deep in snow, chickens and Christmas presents before I know it!!

My little sisters now have two ducks to add to their ever growing collection of animals - they have called them 'Pancake' and 'Bill' - I've been ordered not to take my pancakes and plum sauce anywhere near them! LOL. I get to see the new chickens / ducks / rabbits etc... when I get there. The other day my friend asked me if the chickens were for us to have for Christmas dinner, without thinking I replied "no, they just keep them for eggs and milk" and it actually took him to explain what I'd said before I realised Chickens don't make milk, sometimes I wonder..... LOL

and on that note I shall leave you snorting with laughter over my studpidness!

Sarah x

p.s. don't forget my little competition below which ends today!

A Little Competition

So today I'm having a little competition! Last week I finally got my Blythe Doll delivered! Some of you will know how much I've wanted one for soooooo long and now I finally have one - woooooo!

So my competition is to name her! Here is a little picture of her, the best name suggestion will win a Christmas Cheer! CD. Post your suggestions in the comments of this post and the best name will be picked by my little sisters on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have a mammoth trip to the post office, where I havent been feeling too good stuff has piled up somewhat but OH has promised to help me with them in the morning - yay!

I have been having a couple of good days this week (not that I wish to jinx it by sharing that!) so have caught up quite a bit, I know one or two of you are still waiting for e-mails from me and they will be with you in the next 24 hours - that includes the latest DT applicants :o)

Now, I must pop up to my studio to make my card for tomorrows challenge before 'The Apprentice' starts - I winder what dramas are in store tonight!

Sarah x

Making Stuff

This weekend I actually got some time locked away in my studio making stuff - what bliss!!

Firstly a little card using My Little Shoebox papers....

some close ups.....

and then I got round to printing off my second Christmas Journal kit and making my own journal, here are some pics!

I tied it all together with some gorgeous 'PeaPod' bakers twine from The Twinery - I only added that and some kraft cardstock! This is only the base and I have lots more to add, it needs some sparkly bits and some stamped images (my own Christmas Cheer! ones of course!) for the front and some ribbon, and of course my photos and journalling! If you would like to get hold of this kit click here!

There are also a couple of new digi stamps - I haven't had chance to make anything with those yet but I will! More new things coming over the next few days....

This morning I had NINE - yes, NINE blood tests! eeeek! I think I still have a little drop left, just! I did feel a little woozy after (you can't eat for 12 hours before either) but other than that it's not been a bad day - here's hoping it lasts the rest of the week!!

Sarah x