Mini Portfolio

Last week I made a mini portfolio from a lovely Crown shaped Kaisercraft book - every time I tell people what I do they say "ooooh, lets see" so I thought if I had a tiny portfolio I could carry in my giant Mary Poppins style bag I could actually show them. It also gave me an excuse to break out the Ranger distress crackle paint (tattered rose - my all time favourite!) it works so well on wood and I loved the final effect. I printed some pics of previous work and even managed to squeeze in some ATC's as they were a perfect fit!

I also managed to use some of my lovely Melody Ross textile tags as they had lovely sentiments like "I make Stuff" which fitted in perfectly.

Right now I'm working on some Scrapbook Layouts for samples and for myself - I have sooo many photo's to scrap, this is what happens when you fall behind! I'll post some pics soon. I'm loving the new Cosmo Cricket lines, Material Girl and Garden Variety - they're actually not so new now, Ive had them for a few weeks but only just got to the stage where I could actually cut into them!

Tim Holtz Fever!!

Everyone seems to have Tim Holtz fever at the moment, including me! Finally got my mucky little hands on his lovely book yesterday (Karen at ScrapShed finally relented and let me take it home - she wouldn't let me have it before in case I took it to Stitches and tried to get it autographed like an embarrassing groupie, mwahahahaha!) now I've devoured it all and of course seen the fabby demo at Stitches on Sunday so over the last day or two I've been stocking up on lots of things that of course now I've seen I actually literally cannot live without!! Like my lovely new Tim Holtz Stamp Binder - if you ever see this "in the flesh" you will not be able to resist - lush!!

Also now have new stamps so of course need lovely new ink pads and as Karen needed some swatches to show off the colours I got to play with them all first - yay! you can see in the pic I managed to once again get myself in a right old mess and have fun creating them, here's me "demoing" the new colours

My favourites are Rusty Hinge, Crushed Olive and Chipped Sapphire (which isn't purple as it looks on the packaging but actually a lovely dark blue, like a night sky)

You can see that the packaging (below) is not a great representation of the colours - they are much much better in "real life"

Think my overall favourite is still the old walnut stain, I just LOVE it! Right I'm off to get some new samples made up and try all the techniques in the book I haven't yet tried!


Today I went to Stitches to see and stroke and stare longingly at all the fab new products - I'm sooooo excited and can't wait to get my hands on them all! Watch out for all my new samples coming soon.......

Watched a fab demo by Tim Holtz and a couple of others on the stands - came away feeling all fresh and inspired again - yay!

Chunky Books

I'm sooo obssessed with Chunky books and chipboard at the moment, I was so pleased with how my last set came out, all were Botanical themed:

now I'm working on some more with the Marah Johnson papers and after that I want to try something abit darker and scary - I feel a melted doll coming on again :o) or maybe something like the Zombie series I done a while ago:

I'll have to see what random doll parts and scary ephemera I can scavenge in the next week or so in preparation.

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day to you all! I'm off to scoff chocs and swoon over my lovely card (my first year with "fiancee"! ahhhhh)

Have a hug, feel the love x

Melody Ross

Yesterday I spent the day at Scrapshed and got to unpack the new delivery of the lovely Melody Ross line, sadly Karen was being all eagle-eyed and I wasn't able to slip in to my giant bag the gorgeous inspiration cards or the paper packs (I only wanted a little one!!) or the super lovely textile stickers (I even dreamt about these - fact! how sad am I???) However there is always next week..... mwahahahahahahaha!!

Chunky Book

This chunky book is using Marah Johnson's papers and stickers from Creative Imaginations and K&Co's new embellishments - This will be a project on the Scrapshed website so can't show too much! I loved working with the Marah Johnson designs, gorgeous!

K&Co Chipboard House

This is the Chipboard House I'm making from the new K&Co papers (from Scrapshed) this is still a work in progress - will post more pics when its all done

New Camera!

Finally got my new camera (it's purple!) so can post some pics of the things I've been working on.....


Tomorrows plan is to finally break open my lovely Graphic 45 stash and get some samples made, heaven! Also need to go camera shopping so I can hopefully start posting some pics.

Now just waiting for my lovely new Tim Holtz book to be delivered - come on Mr UPS!!!

New Samples!

Working on lots of new samples at the moment, some for my portfolio and some for my friend Karen who owns Scrapshed - she had loads of lovely stuff in from the recent CHA show - some of which I have managed to blag samples of, mwahahaha (for work type purposes only of course and not just for me to bring home and stare lovingly at - that hasn't been happening at all, really......)

Lots of pics to follow soon - would be done now if my stupid camera hadn't decided to give up the ghost - it was super old though, I think it was like the first digital camera that ever lived - so got to get a new one in the next few days - any recommendations gratefuly received or i'll end up just buying whatever comes in pink! In the meantime, I'll attempt some on my Blackberry but to get a decent pic it has to be "the right kind of light" which almost never happens!

Right, I'm off to lock myself in my studio for the next few hours to whip up a new batch of creative lovelyness :o)