A Little Update

A big thank you to those of you who have left messages on my personal Facebook page and emailed etc... regarding the sudden loss of my dad this week, I'm still in shock and coping the best I can, thank you all for your messages and love, it is really very much appreciated. To those of you who have asked about my Create & Craft shows tomorrow, yes, I will still be on at 3 & 6 (pardon my swollen eyes) focusing on the shows has been an enormous help to me and I'm very grateful to Bramwells and C&C for their support this week, I hope I can do them proud tomorrow. 

Sarah x

Create & Craft Shows - Date Change & Company Reveal!

Just a very quick note to let you all know that my shows will now be on Saturday 1st February (not Friday 31st as previously mentioned) the times are still 1, 3 and 6 - hope you can tune in!! :o)

I'm really excited to also tell you who the shows are for now... I can't wait to demo for the lovely Bramwells! I'll have some La Fourmi wooden items, some fab Viva Decor paints that you just HAVE to see, HOTP stamps and some bits from Kaisercraft as well as a few other things I'll leave as a surprise, here is a little peek at my prep...

Don't forget to get your emails ready, if you have any questions get them in and I'll try to answer them during the shows!

Sarah x

Watercolour Love Scrapbooking

Today, as promised, I'm showing you what I made with my Watercolour Love mini kit that I gave away earlier in the week (you can see that post and download the kit if you haven't already here) this page was made using all of the kit printed onto 190gsm textured paper (I got mine from eBay) to keep the watercolour look, all I added was some Bazzill Cardstock as a base, stitching, a gold doily and some embellishments, here is what I made...
I added some gold stitching to the bottom using my 'Sew Easy' from WRMK - love this little gizmo, it's a total must have!!
I made lots of layers, fringing some as a border to add even more texture...
The hearts from the embellishment sheet I layered together tying or stitching them in the middle, the gold doily I used in three different places and I added some wooden hearts and a feather and some enamel dots...
The tags were cut from the embellishment sheet in the kit and layered together with some button twine tied in a bow...
I hope this shows that you can still be creative with printables (once it's all printed you have the same as with any type of supplies - paper and embellishments!) and that you don't have to be a techie whizz - just print and go!!

If you've made something with the kit, we would love to see, please share here in the links or over on my Facebook page.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

p.s. don't forget the giveaway in my previous post!!

A Few of My Favourite Things... January Kit Reveal and a Giveaway!

This months kits have now been revealed! Here is a little peek at what the January kits contain...

Main Kit
a couple of close ups...

Add On Kit
Documented365 Kit
Documented365 Printable Kit

As we've made some changes from this month, I also filmed a video run through of all the kits in more details, you can view it on my new YouTube channel here, or click below 

I will have another video soon showing what I make with my kit as well as some others on other topics that have been requested (if you have any video requests, please leave them in the comments below and I'll do my very best to work on it soon!)

This month, since we changed the papers to 12x12" the subscriber numbers have doubled!! but there just a couple of kits left here in my shop and subscriptions are open for Februarys kit here if you miss them.


I'm also doing a little giveaway! If you leave a comment on this post before midnight GMT on Tuesday 28th January I will pick one lucky winner (if there are less than 50 comments) or 3 lucky winners (if there are 50 or more comments) to win a 6 month subscription to the Documented365 printable kit! Good luck everyone :o)

Now, I must get back to my Create & Craft prep - more on that soon!

Thank you for dropping by today
Sarah x

Free Printable Mini Kit - Watercolour Love

Today I'm sharing a free download, this mini printable kit Watercolour Love is a preview of a range coming soon (so I hope you love it!)

The kit contains papers as well as some journaling cards in 3x4" and 4x6" and embellishments so is perfect for Scrapbooking, Project Life or crafting.

If you pop back later this week, I'll be sharing some inspiration showing you what I've made with it. I will also be having a competition this week to win a subscription to the 'A Few of My Favourite Things...' digital / printable Documented365 kit (perfect for Project life!) so don't miss out! (you can see the details of that kit here) You can stay up to date with all of this by following here my blog, Facebook page or Twitter.

I'd love to see what you make with the kit so please do leave me your links or share your projects on my Facebook page.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

New Create & Craft Shows!

Just a quick post from me today, I'm super pleased to tell you that a new company have asked me to do some presenting for them on Create & Craft (eeek!) My first shows for them are on the 31st January at 1pm, 3pm and 6pm - I hope you can tune in and watch, it's something a little bit different to what I've done on the tellybox before but something I really love to in my own crafting so I'm really excited to have the opportunity to show what I can do and a just a little bit nervous! I'll be telling you more about who it is and popping up some peeks just as soon as I get my product samples to play with next week.

Thank you for dropping by today and have a lovely weekend!

Sarah x

A Few of My Favourite Things... Kit Club - New Options & Changes!

Today I'm super excited to tell you about some changes to the 'A Few of My Favourite Things...' monthly kits...
We've had lots of people say they would prefer to have 12x12" papers in their kits, though a couple of you thought it would be nice to have 8x8" papers too, so here are the new kit changes and options we have put together for you!

Main Kit

The main kit will now be a 12" x 12" format - you will still receive 4 gorgeous textured double sided papers, only now they will be bigger (win!) you will also receive the usual mixture of an exclusive stamp, journaling cards and embellishments, all for the same price of £12.99 + shipping. This new format will start from your next kit, if you aren't subscribed yet, you can sign up here, there is still some time before the next kit!


Add-ons will now be grouped together in one kit per month, this kit will contain a mixture of some of the following each month - 12x12 or 8x8 papers, cardstock, speciality papers, a stamp, embellishments and journaling cards. The kit will be £4.99 every month (postage is free with the main kit) and will be revealed along with the main kit in your reveal email each month, if you would like the kit, please reply and I will pop you over a Paypal invoice. If you are an existing subscriber and would like the kit every month, you can subscribe here to ensure you never miss out! or if you are a new subscriber who would like to subscribe to both the kit and add on kit, you can sign up here.

New Subscription Options!

You can also choose to subscribe to the following kits or add them to your existing main kit subscription...

Documented365 Kit

We have had lots of requests for a dedicated kit for those of you who are participating in Documented365 / Project Life and similar projects so we are introducing this option from the next kit. The kit will contain an assortment of journaling cards in 4 x 6" and 3 x 4" formats (some exclusive!) a 'Snip 'n' Stick' Embellishment Sheet, an exclusive stamp and one or two other little bits and pieces as well as a sheet of printables (emailed to you after your kit has been despatched) This kit will be £8.99 + postage per month and is available to subscribe to now here if you an existing subscriber or here if you are a new subscriber (please ensure you click the correct link so as not to delay your first kit!)

Documented365 Printable Kit

This kit will contain 35 printable journaling cards in JPEG & PNG format delivered straight to your inbox each month for just £3.99 per month, available to subscribe to here

All kits will coordinate to work together
**Subscribe & Save!**

As always kits will be available to purchase after the shipping date for non subscribers (where stock allows) by being a subscriber however you will save £2 off the cost of the main kit (will be £14.99 to non subscribers) the Documented365 kit (will be £10.99 to non subscribers) and £1 off the Documented365 printable kit (will be £4.99 to non subscribers) you will also receive access to some exciting subscriber exclusives we have coming later in the year that won't be available anywhere else! Look out for more information on these soon.

Subscribe now to ensure you don't miss a thing!

Thank you for taking the time out to give us your feedback and help us improve your kits, we hope you love your new and improved kits!

Sarah x

Happy New Year! 2013 in Review...

Wow, the year has gone so fast and it's already 2014, I can't believe how much is different now to a year ago, I think I crammed a lot in! :o) So here is a quick recap...

2013 will be the year I remember as...

* The year I launched more new products than I ever dreamed of, including sewing kits, stamp & stitch, 'A Few of My Favourite Things...' kits, Doodle Dolls and the 'Special Editions' stamp line with Jaine and later in the year, Clare - taking me to over 400 products at last count!!
* Started to have my products stocked at Paperchase & Freckled Fawn with many more to come (I can't wait to spill some beans!!)
* Became one of Papercraft Inspirations magazines Crafty Experts
* Spent lots of time on trains between Essex and Peterborough on my way to and from Create & Craft for lots and lots of shows (picture courtesy of my friend Jen!) as much as I quite like trains I think I will be brave and retake my driving test this year!
* Grew my company by over 500% and took on an assistant to help me manage the craziness that I hadn't planned for just yet!
* Said "How did THAT happen???!" about 1,574,634 times - it's my new motto ;o)
* Started to share this...
* and gave you a little peek at this...
* and signed this...  (more about all of those in 2014!)
* I learned from my friend Di that it's OK to be open, not hold back so much, that sharing is a good thing and started to share a little more of my story - It's not something that I find easy, even with my friends, I was raised to keep things very private and not share personal things (which I know can sometimes come across as aloof or stuck up) but now I've started to open up and realised that Di is right, I've had so much support, so many lovely comments and emails and lots of people saying they can relate to things I've shared, if I can help or encourage or inspire one person by sharing then it's totally worth it!
* Was proud of myself for the very first time
* Learned a lot about forgiveness and letting go as I was reunited with my biological dad and discovered I had another sister and a nephew I knew nothing about! Some things can never be repaired but you can try and build something new and I've enjoyed my year getting to know my new family and trying to find my place in it
* I also enjoyed my first Christmas at home (couldn't leave that furry face out of my round up now, could I!)
This year I laughed a lot, cried a little, slept even less and pretty much had one of the best years of my life! and for 2014, I intend to carry on doing this...
A big 'Thank You' to my Mother in Law who bought me this for Christmas to go in my office - I know she doesn't always understand why I work so hard and thinks I should get off the pooter and do a nice spot of hoovering or make B a nice dinner, but she is unwavering in her help and support nonetheless and even works for me part time now - what a doll!

Last year my word for the year was 'Sparkle' and I think I well and truly achieved what I set out to when I picked it, so although I've wracked my brain trying to think of something more suitable for this year, I can't come up with anything I'd rather do than Sparkle again!
This year I resolve to let nothing and noone dull my sparkle once again, choose to focus on the positive and continue to follow the glitter along the path ahead seeing what lies in store, I'm already excited to have some big news to share with you next week and in February - can't wait!! - may it be even more shiny than last year!

I hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for and I hope you'll sparkle along with me all year long.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x