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Exciting News - CHA UK One Big Show!

Today I get to share some super exciting news with you, I'm thrilled and scared in equal measure! But to start at the beginning of the story... Last night I received a call from Craig at CHA UK, not an unusual thing as we often have to discuss board things, but it usually doesn't happen at weekends! so I knew this must be something very important... He said to me that over the last few weeks lots of you had been seeing me talk about our upcoming 'One Big Show' event here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter etc... and you all wanted to come and network and meet us all and join in the fun (yay!) but you were a little worried maybe there wouldn't be a lot put on for you as designers.

Of course, we all really REALLY want you to be there - I personally can't wait to meet you all! and talk about my two favourite things - craft and business!! So Craig asked me to put together a program of things ESPECIALLY for you! I was already scheduled to do one talk (hence my post a few weeks ago about something exciting that meant conquering one of my fears - public speaking!!) but I was up all night brainstorming lots more about what I would have wanted to know when I took that scary first step almost 4 years ago, and the stuff I'd quite liked to have asked since! and between Craig and I, we have come up with what I think, is a fantastic programme of things that you'll love and find both inspiring and informative including all about how I started, how you can do it too, creative blogging and SO much more! There will also be the opportunity to ask us questions and get advice and network with other designers and companies.

If you aren't already attending or you're on the fence, NOW is the time to get on board, especially if this is what you've been waiting for. We have added some more places for the new designer members but I have a feeling they won't last long! so to find out more just click here or you contact me (here in the comments or over on Facebook either on the post there or by PM) for more info or call or email Craig (details here) at CHA UK to book at the special Designer prices we've worked out for you - it really is not to be missed.

I think I need a lie down after all this excitement!

Thank you for dropping by today and I look forward to meeting you soon!!

Sarah x

Catching Up - Stitches Show and CHA news!

I've been away for most of this week at the Stitches trade show in Birmingham. I go every year but usually just for one day, however this year I had lots of exciting meetings planned and things to do so I stayed for the whole thing!

I was very lucky that when I got to the hotel, I was upgraded to a suite, so I had a star on my door and a little balcony opposite the bed (though it was far too cold and rainy to actually go out there!!)
For the first day my assistant Lisa came with me and we had a fab time checking out all the new products, including my brand new stamps for Personal Impressions!! (I still squeal a little when I see my new products)
When she left, I quickly rushed back to the hotel for the CHA UK AGM and networking event, I'm super pleased and proud to tell you that while I was there, I was elected to the board of directors! To even be considered was an honour, let alone selected and elected! So for the next 3 years I will be working on some very exciting projects for the craft industry alongside a number of fab industry experts (am I allowed to squeal again??)
After all of that excitement I treated myself to a little lie in in the squishy hotel bed (surprising how much sleep you can get when you don't have furry peeps snoring in your ear and trampling you! lol) before heading back for the last day of the show on Tuesday, I had lots of exciting meetings lined up and I can't wait to start telling you all the new and exciting things coming soon! I also got to have a little crafty time with Tania at WOW embossing, making this pretty pink ring...
I had dinner that night with the rest of the CHA UK board so we could all meet each other properly and then I was up early Wednesday for an all day board meeting (my first one!!) before heading home to Essex, I think my furry peeps missed me, what do you think??
Now, Lisa and I are frantically catching up with emails and things, and working on the reveal of this months 'A Few of My Favourite Things' kit (watch your inboxes this weekend!!) I will be back very soon with some crafty things and projects to show you very soon too.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

Basically Bare - my last CHA 2012 Album

This week I was featured over on the Basically Bare blog with my final CHA 2012 album I made for them...
This is using the Krafty Keepsakes album, I used lots of the recent October Afternoon Holiday Style papers and embellishments to make this album - love this range! The album is full of policy envelopes so I made my layouts on the front - they are the perfect fit for your photographs! and then filled the inside with journaling and keepsakes.
You can see more details and close ups over on the Basically Bare blog.

Thanks for looking!
Sarah x

Another CHA Project - The Adventures of Fuzzybutt!

Last week I was featured over on the Basically Bare blog for two days showing another of the CHA projects I made for them with their new release 'Tiny Tabs' album - this was actually my favourite one to work with as it fits my Instax pictures perfectly!

You can see part one of my post here and part two here - it shows lots more details and pics!

Thanks so much for looking!

Sarah x

CHA Project for Basically Bare

Earlier this week one of my CHA projects was featured over on the Basically Bare blog, you may remember I showed you a tiny peek at this album...

I made this with the Basically Bare Polly's Pockets Album which was one of the new CHA releases and lots of lovely October Afternoon papers.
You can now see all of the pages here on the Basically Bare Blog. This one was so fun to work with! I'll be sharing another one soon.

Today was filled with more writing, designing and planning, all my samples are chased up and should be here soon, then I have to check and proof them all and finalise any changes before production.

I noticed today that the pile of notebooks and journals I keep on my desk for daily use has grown, there are now 7 plus my diary, I also have a few more occasional use ones and some sketchbooks in a crate at the side of my desk for easy reach. I thought maybe that was kind of excessive but after posting that on Twitter and Facebook I realise I am not the only one! Lists must be a creative thing I think, and I do love pretty stationery! It was great to hear everyones 'system' though, if you get chance, look at my facebook page and have a read :o)

Thanks for dropping by today!

Sarah x

Basically Bare CHA Sneak Peek!

Just a very quick post from me as I'm rushed off my tiny trotters!

I just wanted to share with you a little sneak peek of one of my CHA projects for Basically Bare :o)

I will be showing this in full on the Basically Bare blog next week - you can see the album I used here on the Basically Bare Blog.

I really musn't show anymore or I'll be in deep deep trouble and if they cut off my chipboard supply I will cry!

Sarah x

Mid Week Madness!

So this week has been kind of a crazy one so far (details another time!) but I'm so happy that today I got the last package of my CHA samples in the post - yay! I will be sharing them just as soon as I can, although as a little sneaky preview I will show you all of these cute Instagrams of Fuzzybutt that I used for one of them...
To celebrate finishing ahead of schedule, I treated myself by wearing my most impractical sparkly shoes today...
Now I just need to tidy my studio (I compromised today by just shutting the door, I couldn't face it! lol)

I've also been getting the last few bits ready for the first Craft Academy lesson tomorrow - excited!

Sarah x

Letraset Projects

Today I can start showing you the projects I created for CHA for Letraset - all of them 3D things, they sent me a load of blank things and I had to come up with some ideas - eeek! LOL

Firstly, the wooden 'Home Sweet Home' box

I was sent this plain wooden chest type box....

which I coloured with Promarkers to make it look old and vintagey...

Then on the inside I used elements from my Woodland Whimsies CD, all coloured with Promarkers (including the strip of grass which I cut and coloured by hand) to create a 3D 'Home' scene - I love to make 'Home' themed things, probably because it's my favourite place in the whole world! :o)

and some close-ups....

I'll be back tomorrow with another one!

Sarah x

p.s. if you are looking for the DT call, it's 2 posts down :o)

Crazy Days....

Today was totally manic, up early to run some errands (which I only just got done in the nick of time) before meeting up with my lovely friend Karen from ScrapShed who I haven't seen in FAR too long!! With one thing and another a few months (months!!!) had passed - crazy, we live 20 mins apart! Anywhooo, we met up for a spot of shopping, some junk shop rifling, love these 2 vintage books I found, one dictionary and one hymn / music book - they won't be staying whole for long!!

I can't wait to chop them up and get them all inky and painty..... The dictionary had the cutest sentiment in it...

'Make Friends with Words' how lovely... Both books have fab pages, here's a little glimpse before they ripped up and inked to make them even more vintagey looking, I feel a collage coming on....

The a quick half hour for posh coffee in a little place obssessed with grilling EVERYTHING! It seems we always find these places who insist on serving everything warm and toasted - bagels are supposed to be cold and anything with salad in it grilled is just plain WRONG! I also picked up the newest issue of Popular Crafts as they featured my blog this month (woo!)so I wanted to have a look. Then home for not so posh coffee and some catching up on emails - amazing what builds up when you go out for one morning, I'll still be catching up tomorrow *sigh* All done while dealing with excruciating joint pain - ouchie!

Now I'm off to swoon at the Crate blog for a bit, they just posted their CHA sneaks and I'm in love already - MUST have!

Sarah x

Fun with Ribbon

A very very quick post from me today as I am SUPER tired, all of my CHA projects are done and gone though - woo! Pics as soon as I'm allowed, LOL

Today when I was finishing one of them up I added a bit of twill ribbon from Crafty Ribbons, as I mentioned previously it can be coloured with Promarkers and the colours even blend! Check this out....

White, Red, Red into orange and then yellow..... see how the colour bleeds in the red only picture - that helps the colours to blend perfectly, I just went slightly over each edge withthe lighter colour - lush! multi-coloured ribbons will be adorning every project from now on!!!

Today, as you can probably guess, I spent all day in my studio again (LOVE!) before a quickie trip to the library and a quick run into the supermarket for some food, thought us and the pooch should probably eat!! LOL. Now to catch up with all my e-mails and finish up an illustration proposal for a client, then maybe some sleep! I wonder what tomorrow will bring......

Sarah x

What Am I Up To Now??!

Today I had a lovely and very productive day in my newly revamped studio finishing off samples for CHA - thanks to everyone for the comments yesterday! It is definitely much more enjoyable with its current layout - I was starting to feel uninspired in the old space.

Today I have another bit of news, I am now working on the creative and marketing side of a fab Digi-Scrapbooking company!

GallimaufryUK is run by the lovely Penni, a very talented digi designer who makes lovely digi-scrapbooking kits. I must say I've never been that excited by digi scrapping until now! I am also helping her out with getting the marketing side of her business organised, something I've taken a step back into recently - nice to have some diversity in your work!

She has also very kindly agreed to sponsor one of our challenges over at the Challenge Blog in the near future so keep an eye out for that!

I will be posting some of my digi layouts very very soon, as well as some hybrid stuff, you know me, I need the feel of paper still! LOL - in the meantime you can buy Penni's kits over at Scrapdish - her new 'My Love' Valentine kit was only released today - I havent even had chance to look at it properly!

Thats all from me today, I need to go and scrub the Promarker off my hands before dinner, I have a very green hand (I will show you why when I can...!)

Sarah x

In case you missed it!

The maths thingy is now finished (thank God!!!) and thats that out of the way FOREVER - yay! Now I only have the funner parts of my course left to do. I have to tell you I'm not actually that bad at maths in that I almost always get the answer right, its just that it takes me a long time to get there. At school you are taught a certain way of working things out and I just can't do it that way - surprisingly I did actually manage a 'B' in my maths GCSE and was in the top class for maths but how I did it I'll never know! I see numbers backwards so it makes things very difficult for me, but I feel proud of myself that I completed a maths module (you were right Mum! LOL)

Anyway, enough of all that! Today I have been finalising some new products that will go into production next week - eeeek! Also, in case you missed it earlier in the week, here is the sneaky peek of 'Christmas Cheer' my newest craft CD which will be available very soon - a few finishing touches (I just keep adding to this one!) and I'll send it off - the Design Team will have their copies next week and will be bringing you lots and lots of lovely inspiration very soon!

On this CD there are 3 collections - Retro (the colours you see on the front cover), Traditional and Vintage. More details coming soon......

The Design Team will be starting our challenge blog very soon with some lovely prizes and projects - watch this space for more news!

I have also been busy looking at all the fab design team applications coming in - this is the FINAL 24 HOURS!!! so get them in quick (it is open to UK and International applicants for those that have asked) and you can see the details here.

I have also been going over the Afternoon Tea Design Team applications (only 24 hours for this one as well now!) details here. I can't wait to show you the kits - I have to say they are FAB! and I can't wait to get my grubby paws on my one!! as well as looking at all the CHA sneak peeks to find fab new products for future kits - I can't tell you how hard it is to narrow stuff down - I'd like to put almost everything I see in there! (but I've been told very strictly that I can't!)

Tomorrow I will be finishing the last few Xmas pics for the CD - I can't tell you how difficult it is drawing penguins and snowy things when its 30 degrees outside and BAKING! But I know everyone likes to get a head start on their cards so I'm persevering!

Finally, did you see Dragons Den tonight? Kirsty Henshaw was AMAZING! she totally deserved that investment, it's so nice to see someone who has worked so hard and achieved so much to get some help, gives us all faith in the human spirit and proves that if you work hard enough you CAN do it! How inspiring!!!

Sarah x

New Samples!

Working on lots of new samples at the moment, some for my portfolio and some for my friend Karen who owns Scrapshed - she had loads of lovely stuff in from the recent CHA show - some of which I have managed to blag samples of, mwahahaha (for work type purposes only of course and not just for me to bring home and stare lovingly at - that hasn't been happening at all, really......)

Lots of pics to follow soon - would be done now if my stupid camera hadn't decided to give up the ghost - it was super old though, I think it was like the first digital camera that ever lived - so got to get a new one in the next few days - any recommendations gratefuly received or i'll end up just buying whatever comes in pink! In the meantime, I'll attempt some on my Blackberry but to get a decent pic it has to be "the right kind of light" which almost never happens!

Right, I'm off to lock myself in my studio for the next few hours to whip up a new batch of creative lovelyness :o)