Exciting News - CHA UK One Big Show!

Today I get to share some super exciting news with you, I'm thrilled and scared in equal measure! But to start at the beginning of the story... Last night I received a call from Craig at CHA UK, not an unusual thing as we often have to discuss board things, but it usually doesn't happen at weekends! so I knew this must be something very important... He said to me that over the last few weeks lots of you had been seeing me talk about our upcoming 'One Big Show' event here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter etc... and you all wanted to come and network and meet us all and join in the fun (yay!) but you were a little worried maybe there wouldn't be a lot put on for you as designers.

Of course, we all really REALLY want you to be there - I personally can't wait to meet you all! and talk about my two favourite things - craft and business!! So Craig asked me to put together a program of things ESPECIALLY for you! I was already scheduled to do one talk (hence my post a few weeks ago about something exciting that meant conquering one of my fears - public speaking!!) but I was up all night brainstorming lots more about what I would have wanted to know when I took that scary first step almost 4 years ago, and the stuff I'd quite liked to have asked since! and between Craig and I, we have come up with what I think, is a fantastic programme of things that you'll love and find both inspiring and informative including all about how I started, how you can do it too, creative blogging and SO much more! There will also be the opportunity to ask us questions and get advice and network with other designers and companies.

If you aren't already attending or you're on the fence, NOW is the time to get on board, especially if this is what you've been waiting for. We have added some more places for the new designer members but I have a feeling they won't last long! so to find out more just click here or you contact me (here in the comments or over on Facebook either on the post there or by PM) for more info or call or email Craig (details here) at CHA UK to book at the special Designer prices we've worked out for you - it really is not to be missed.

I think I need a lie down after all this excitement!

Thank you for dropping by today and I look forward to meeting you soon!!

Sarah x

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  1. You are a perfect choice to inspire all the new members, you relate so well to all and are a pleasure to listen to as a result.

    You'll be fab, well done x