The snow finally hit in the early hours of this morning and we now have about an inch, here is the view from my window this morning....

Fuzzybutt absolutely point blank REFUSED to put one dainty paw out in such freezing conditions, she's SUCH a spoilt mutt :o)

Today I asked OH to help me move my desk round, I was sick of staring at the wall! now this is my view of the room - much better!

Notice my giant Tigger cup of coffee - this is my days fuel! I didn't realise how big my desk is til we started moving it, its about 5ft x 4ft!! and I complain daily that I need a bigger one - maybe I just need less *stuff*?? Today I have nothing more interesting than that to share unfortunately, its been a day of web updating, chasing stuff up, admin, e-mails and phone calls and there is still more to do - my "To-Do" list is definitely a work in progress! I'm also finishing up some of the projects for the Christmas Crafting blog, don't forget to come and join us over there!

Sarah x


  1. I'm with Fuzzybutt! I don't like the cold either. I'm soooooo not ready for winter.


  2. i wouldn't be putting my paw out there either lol!!! and you can't ever have too much stuff.