How Cold???

Seriously, how cold is it today??? I'm wearing 2 woolly dresses over a jumper, woolly tights and ugg boots and I'm still freezing!!!! Fuzzybutt has wrapped herself up in a duvet and there is NO WAY she is budging for anyone! She makes me laugh, I looked over at her as I typed that and she stared straight back like "yeah, what?!" she's got real attitude that mutt!

The other night I was chatting on Twitter about Art Journaling - I love Twitter and Art Journaling, both allow me to vent, much like this blog! I don't often share my pages but as it's a new journal and this isn't such a terribly personal page, I will...

This is in my "non-messy" journal, the pages are so thin I can't use Promarkers or even paints really, so I'm sticking with colouring pencils, journaling pens and sakura pens - it's very difficult to now spray / ink / paint etc.... but I quite like it, its journaling I can do anywhere without needing a craft sheet, old clothes, scrap paper and a long soak in the bath after! Did you notice the pages are kraft though? so pretty! *sigh* I'm sooooo obssessed with kraft paper at the moment.

Tomorrow I will be introducing a new member of the DT - think this will be the last one before Christmas as it's fast approaching!! She is very talented and I'm really pleased she's joined us. She has got stuck straight in with the challenges so you will be seeing her work this week on the challenge blog!! She is just in time for some new products as well......

I'll also let you know the winner of my Blythe doll competition tomorrow - I need to speak to my little squishies, they are very busy people with all their animals and poultry to look after - are ducks poultry too or is it just chickens and turkeys? I'm sure they will tell me, probably with a huff and an eye roll at how little I know about farm animals except which condiment goes best with them ;o) bwahahahahahahahaha.....

Tonight is another 'rock n roll' type evening for us - snuggling on the sofa watching all the terrible TV we have Sky +'ed while I plan some work I have coming up - and probably another page in that journal!

Sarah x


  1. This puts onto paper something I've had rolling around in my head for several head's in the clouds but my feel are on the ground. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Love your art journal page. And your pooch's picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My head is always in the clouds. But I think that is where I get most of my ideas!

  4. What a cute doggy!! I love it when they get all snuggled in!!

    I haven't done any art journaling yet, but I've been thinking about it!! Hmmm...?!?!?