A Little Competition

So today I'm having a little competition! Last week I finally got my Blythe Doll delivered! Some of you will know how much I've wanted one for soooooo long and now I finally have one - woooooo!

So my competition is to name her! Here is a little picture of her, the best name suggestion will win a Christmas Cheer! CD. Post your suggestions in the comments of this post and the best name will be picked by my little sisters on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have a mammoth trip to the post office, where I havent been feeling too good stuff has piled up somewhat but OH has promised to help me with them in the morning - yay!

I have been having a couple of good days this week (not that I wish to jinx it by sharing that!) so have caught up quite a bit, I know one or two of you are still waiting for e-mails from me and they will be with you in the next 24 hours - that includes the latest DT applicants :o)

Now, I must pop up to my studio to make my card for tomorrows challenge before 'The Apprentice' starts - I winder what dramas are in store tonight!

Sarah x


  1. She looks like a Betsy Blue to me..lol

  2. Hi Sarah, my hubby says she looks like an "Isabelle", lol he wanted to join in the fun too!

    Sending big hugs Jo xxx

  3. Oh is she ever cute!! I can see why you were waiting for her!!

  4. Hi Sarah
    Well she is a little stunner!!!!
    Why not call her Bluebell.
    Hugs Alison

  5. I think she looks like a Charisma or a Gwen

  6. I think she is lovely, and I think the name Mazarine. Which is a deep blue xxx

  7. I am wondering if they have some of them dolls with voilet hair, to match mine? xxx

  8. Cynthia first sprung to mind or Sapphire if you want a blue thing going, great thinking Donna.

    hugs Clare x

  9. they are addictive. I got mines while I was stationed in Japan. I have some friends still there sending me some here to the UK .. cannot wait.. just name her Bella Bleu (spelled that way)