My news......

I can finally share my news with you today - I'm sooooo excited!

if you cast your eye to the left where the "people I design for" list is you will notice a new addition.......

Thats right, Derwent!!

How exciting, Derwent have asked me to work with them on marketing their products in the craft industry and testing out some of their products - how can a girl refuse?! I love Derwent and have used their products since I can remember! When I made the decision to go freelance my OH asked me what I wanted as a celebratory pressie and I chose Derwent pencils - thats how much I love them!

I'm so obssessed with colour as you can probably tell from how much I treasure my Promarkers! so I'm looking forward to trying out the things I havent yet tried! You will be seeing lots about my progress over the coming weeks I'm sure :)

You can see why this cheered me up so much yesterday!

On another note I'd like to thank everyone that has pre-ordered the Wonderland CD - I have had to increase my initial order and I haven't even done any sneak peeks yet! Seems you are all as obssessed with Alice in Wonderland as I am!

You can also now become a 'fan' of the Ink-A-Ball on facebook - here! There will be some competitions and giveaways and more exciting stuff soon so pop over there and 'like' it :)

Thats enough excitement for one day!

Sarah x


  1. Thats AMAZING! I can't believe you are now sponsored by Derwent - you must be the envy of sooo many artists right now!! hehe, well done lovely, really happy for you xxxx

  2. Congratulations! You deseve it! Good job!

  3. Oh well done honey!
    So So So So well deserved! Cant wait to see any creations you come up with! I loved Derwent pencils when i was at School, Advance Higher Art ohhhh the memories hee!
    Congrats petal
    Hugs Melly xxx

  4. congrats. that's very cool.

  5. congratulations on your sponsorship and the success of your new wonderland cd.
    hugs Clare x

  6. nice one Sarah x

  7. jejjjj, i love ur blog !
    is really interesting !
    more more more more !!

    follow me and write comment if you want ;**

  8. Hi Sarah congratulations the Derwent factory is a mile away from my house x