Happy Mail!

After a pretty yukky Thursday I woke up to happy mail on Friday (will share soon!) yay!

Today I'm spending the whole day drawing, I seem to have so many ideas lately that I just can't get them all down!

I got a little parcel today from Eyeko which cheered me up, if you've used Eyeko you will know how fab their products are - so fab in fact that I signed up to be an ambassador (if you use the code E11890 when you order you get a free gift!) - and I NEVER do things like that!! Their Fat Balms are great as I hate to wear lipstick but I'm so pale I look like the undead if I dont wear something! and their shimmery face cream stuff can make your skin look amazing even when you feel like death warmed up! Today I got the nude nail polish - already on my fingers - and the toffee fat balm - smells lush!

I also need to get started on making my Christmas cards soon, can't believe we are halfway through November already! I'm so excited to start writing in my Christmas Journal and dig into the Advent Calendar box that the lovely Melly sent me! I'll be ooooop north knee deep in snow, chickens and Christmas presents before I know it!!

My little sisters now have two ducks to add to their ever growing collection of animals - they have called them 'Pancake' and 'Bill' - I've been ordered not to take my pancakes and plum sauce anywhere near them! LOL. I get to see the new chickens / ducks / rabbits etc... when I get there. The other day my friend asked me if the chickens were for us to have for Christmas dinner, without thinking I replied "no, they just keep them for eggs and milk" and it actually took him to explain what I'd said before I realised Chickens don't make milk, sometimes I wonder..... LOL

and on that note I shall leave you snorting with laughter over my studpidness!

Sarah x

p.s. don't forget my little competition below which ends today!

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