Setting the Record Straight....

I hate to do a negative post after such a happy one however I want to clear a few things up. It's come to my attention from various sources that some things have been said about me, both directly and in a sneaky way to try and put me down. I'm not going to name and shame as I don't wish to stoop to that level, however I will say the following:

People who need to put others down to make themselves feel big are bullies, bullies never prosper and while initially may develop a following, those people will ultimately realise what they are about. People who indulge in this kind of behaviour should be ashamed of themselves - I thought at 30 I would no longer have to deal with this kind of "playground" situation - it's quite sad.

While of course, everyone has their own opinion and I respect that everyone is entitled to their own, you may love me, hate me or be indifferent to me - as I am to others, however you will never hear me say I'm 'better' than anyone else, compare myself or my work to anyone elses or try to belittle anyone. This is not behaviour I will indulge in. Of course I may express my opinions from time to time but I do so solely to my family and close friends who I trust and are never shared in public. I never compare my work to anyone elses because mine is different - I have no competition because my work is my own, I like and respect many other designers work and of course buy and use others designers work in my crafting. I'm not a retailer up against other retailers to compete on the price of say a particular rubber stamp because I only sell my own things and that is how I intend it to stay. Im not looking for competition, drama or confrontation.

I wish everyone the best of luck in setting, aiming for and reaching their goals - everyone is looking for something different. I'm lucky enough to have achieved some of mine, working with great companies, working with lovely people and of course I have more I want to achieve - I intend to do so without knocking anyone else down in the process.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"

Sarah x


  1. Im sad to hear youve had some problems - there is always people who are bitter,jealous and make life unpleasant for others ect BUT I'm pleased to read your response....youve risen above it and thats the best attitude to have.

  2. From where I'm standing - You look pretty Amazing to Me xx Love and Hugs xx

  3. Oh dear Sarah someone has hurt you there are some horrible people in the world, this was a great response well done i love your work well done. Dont let the B*&^$s grind you down x

  4. It is sad isn't it. Sorry that your life had to be affected by such little people.
    Stay strong and true to yourself- the rest is not important.

  5. Im sorry to hear you have had some unpleasantness to deal with Sarah,but i agree with Paula-you have risen above it,making you a far better person!

    Maria x

  6. OMG Sarah
    Thats just so SAD!!
    I can't believe that some stupid little jealous person or persons have tried to "bully" or put you down in any way! It just shows yoy that no matter your age, bullies are always there!
    i'm glad you can rise above this stupid jealous, and thats all it comes down to JEALOUSY, childish behaviour!
    It makes me mad, can you tell, that someone could be like that!
    Like Dawn says "stay strong"!! Its only the the people in your bubble that matter!!
    If you need to let out steam, just email! Always here if you need it!!
    Hugs Melly xxx
    Good for you to post on here hee

  7. Oh, Sarah, it sounds as if you have really been treated badly. You are right about bullies of this sort, and in the end, they never prosper. And you know what, your amazing talent always shows through in your artwork and generosity. Hugs to you across the ocean! Brenda

  8. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble! Hang in there kid!

  9. Hi Sarah, Im sorry to hear you have had to deal with this too , I hope you are ok,
    take care and you do what you always do ,its their problem not yours
    Carol x