One week to go!!!

So this time next week (weather permitting) I will most likely have opened all my pressies, be stuffed after a lovely turkey dinner and probably playing xbox with my dad or party games with my little squishies - I can't wait!!! Now I just need all the snow to go away to make sure we can get there!! This is the view from the window today....

There is SO much snow! But rain is expected tomorrow so I'm hoping it washes it all away! Today I have spent all day working, frantically trying to get everything finished before we go, so much to do so little time (as ever!) At leaset there is no X-Factor to distract me this week!

Sarah x

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  1. Hello Sweetcheeks! Hope you are doing well and your illness is not hampering you too much... have been thinking about you! Hope you have a fabby Christmas with the rellies. Take care of you, OH and fuzzybutt!

    Love and Hugs
    Karen @ ScrapShed