Christmas Cards

On Sunday I finally got a whole day in my studio to make Christmas Cards, after spending about 3 hours making 10 (all from my Christmas Cheer! CD of course!) I realised I'd have to be quicker though! So I decided to do a little illustration that I could use with my scallop punch and then use on my cards - this should cut back on some of the embellishing / stickle drying time.....

So here is our finished family and friends Christmas card - the one for my clients etc... is slightly different as they obviously won't know who B or Fuzzybutt are! (sorry mum for spoiling the surprise, this is what your Christmas card looks like!)

So tonight I will be finishing off the last of these ready to mail out over the next day or two - must do international first!! Can't believe how quickly this has come around, This is the last work week for me before Christmas!

Today was an up and down kind of a day seemed to go from fantastic news one minute to people being difficult the next minute. I also had to let someone down today as I had been let down by someone else, I really hate to do that and had a little cry after my profuse apologies. Although they were very understanding, it's horrible after someone has been supportive and nice to you to then not be able to do the same back. Makes me so angry that I was taken advantage of and that it has left me in this position. Please think of others when you do things, something that may seem minor to you could ruin someones whole day / week and have a knock on effect on others. *steps off soap box*

I'm currently reading 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne, its a kind of follow-up to 'The Secret' and encourages you to be positive and give out love and light no matter what, so...... On the plus side I started looking at all the things have lined up and there are some super duper things!! I was actually supposed to be putting them in my 2011 diary before realising I havent got one yet!!!! Emergency diary hunting has started, I'm quite fussy as i have to look at it for a whole year, so if you know of any nice ones or have one in your etsy shop etc...then leave me a linkeroo so I can have a look - ta muchly!

One week exactly now to get free shipping in my shop with the code 'FREESHIP' pop over and grab yourself something bargainous, you deserve it!

Sarah x

p.s. I am currently looking for some mixed media artists / art journalers to work on a project with a brand new product. If you are interested please pop over to the Ink-A-Ball page on Facebook and leave your blog link!


  1. LOve the card Sarah.. really personal.. they will all love it
    Lisa ;)

  2. Love your cards and the time you obviously took to make them personal!

    I know what you mean about sending off the international ones - most of mine are going to New Zealand and I am so late this year in doing it. Then of course there is the extra postage cost OUCH!

  3. Love that card, very cute :)

    I hate letting people down, too. I usually find that the people worth worrying over are the ones who understand. Sometimes there are things you just can't control, and anyone worth their weight would understand that xx

  4. Love your card :)

    I beat myself up about such things as well. But sometimes things are just out of your control. Most people understand these types of thing.