Getting Organised!

Today I spent the day tidying up all the loose ends in time for Christmas, the last orders went - a bit of a rush at the end there! Wonderland has sold out AGAIN! (but you can still pre-order for despatch early in the New Year) the last of our Christmas cards were sent, OH dropped off the pressies at his mums and picked up ours :o)

I also spent an unexpected 2 hours (!!) on the phone to my friend who I havent spoken to for too long, it was so nice to catch up and the time just melted away, you don't realise how much you miss someone sometimes.

So with all that done, all that remains is to pack and spring clean and we will be almost ready! I'm sure there are tons of things I've forgotten. I've prepared my 'To Do' list for when I get back, hopefully I will be all refreshed from the break and not manically stressed form travel / snow problems!

Lots of emails to catch up on now, so best I make a start. I will also be posting the challenge this week which will be the last one until the New Year, and will have a special prize :o) so don't forget to check the Challenge Blog on Thursday!

Sarah x

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  1. spring clean? oh gosh...good luck! i know getting organized to leave and then come back is the worst.

    have a great week!