Goodbye 2010

In a few hours we wave 'Goodbye' to 2010 and hope that 2011 brings better things. 2010 was a mixed year for me, on the one hand some incredible things happened for me and on the other there were some big struggles, it was a BIG improvement on 2009 though so I'm hoping 2011 will be better again and a positive year for everyone and bring happy things to all.

This year has taught me....

- Not to trust people instinctively - I always trust what people say and yet again this year it's led to a few issues for me, from now on everything will be double confirmed and in writing!

- Not to give too much away - people only know what you tell them, so don't give too much away!

- Weigh up the options properly before taking your steps - the quickest option isn't always the best, sometimes waiting is better!

- Don't let people hold you in the past - keep moving forward!

- Don't be paralysed by fear - whats the worst that can happen?

- Don't always say 'yes' I'm not Superwoman and I hate to let people down

And my new years resolutions are....

- Cut out anyone toxic from my life - Anyone who takes and takes and never gives or makes me feel bad about myself or my choices or makes me sad is GONE - life is too short to hang on to these 'vampire' people that suck the life from me, this will also give me more time to concentrate on all the wonderful people I have in my life or could have in my life!

- Spend more time creating - I've felt this year that I haven't had as much chance to be creative as I would like, this year is going to be my most creative year yet!

- Concentrate on CHANGE - this is my word for the year, there are changes I have been wanting to make for some time and this is the year they happen!

- Enjoy the moment - often when I achieve something I immediately think "but now what?" from now on I will enjoy my achievements and revel in them a little bit instead of beating myself up about the next thing

- Be Brave - Just do it! Whats the worst that can happen?

- Be ME all of the time - Sometimes I find myself conforming to what I think people think I am (if that makes sense) but no more, I'm the only version of 'Me' there is so I have to do a good job of it!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year, 2011 is going to be INCREDIBLE! :o)

Sarah x


  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah - Here is to a very Creative 2011 x

  2. Happy new year, Sarah! I hope 2011 brings everything you're hoping for xxx

  3. very cool. why did i think of this? have a blessed 2011.

  4. Lessons learned can be difficult...hope you have a terrific 2011...way better then 2010! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your New Year's Resolutions! It sounds like last year might have had a challenging 2010. Hope that 2011 is better and all that you hope it to be!

  6. Such a wonderful and reflective post, thanks so much for sharing and Happy Happy New Year to you!

  7. I could have written some of the things you learned in 2010. I am still struggling with them.
    Lets hope that 2011 is much better then 2010

  8. I could have written so many of these. Here's to a new year!