Nearly There!

Just a little way to go, Christmas shopping is almost done, me and my mum sneaked into town late last night to beat the crowds which worked like a charm, although my mum just got herself pressies and I employed the "one for me, one for you" rule to get me through it!

We just need one last trip to Tesco this evening and hopefully we will be done, especially as I am now ill! Can you believe it?! With delays and things we were standing around in the cold for 9 hours! My bronchitis is back with a vengeance, I'm taking it a bit easy and hoping to be better for the big day though :o)

Today I went to see the little squishies Chickens and Ducks, its such a lovely place for them, like a little city farm but they are part of it and have their own animals there - I'll post the pics when I get back to my own pooter (I'm on mummys laptop right now)

I'm off now to wrap up warm for one more trip into the snow - eeek! and tomorrow I'm spending the whole day doing art with the squishies, any excuse to get up to my elbows in paint!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Sarah x


  1. I'm off to Tesco's too later..... sat here restless and waiting.

    Hope you feel better soon Sarah nothing worse than being ill on the big day, get some rest!

    Merry Hugs Jo xxxx

  2. Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow
    Have fun
    Lisa ;)