Home Sweet Home!!

So today we finally arrived home again! It doesn't matter how much of a lovely time you have away there really is nothing like coming home again!

Soooo... about my trip, get yourself a cuppa, it's a long one....

Firstly we had a nine, yes NINE! hour journey to get there (we didn't know if we would actually make it!) most of which was standing on squished trains or icy platforms holding a fat little pooch and all of our luggage - one of my arms is still shaking from the nerve damage I endured that day!! but we finally got there and my BIL very kindly come to pick us up from the station - I have never been more pleased to see him!

We were all ill over Christmas except my dad but we rallied round and still had a fabbo time, none of us were really up for party games but sitting round together opening pressies and stuffing our faces with mummy making us tea with whiskey in it (it's medicinal apparently, and who were we to argue!) was lovely. Most unusual present went to my sister this year who bought her BF a Bungee Jump - "Merry Christmas Dear, jump off a bridge"... nice!

We did have a few trips out, mostly Christmas shopping and food shopping, although I finally got to see my sisters chickens and ducks that they keep, there are even a few wallabies round there! They were super cute, I'm not that keen on birds but I could have been tempted by a wallaby (imagine holding that for 9 hours on the train though!)

Here are a few of the 14 chickens they now have....

and a fresh egg straight from the chickies botty that morning.... (thats my sis holding that BTW, I wasn't risking chicken poop on my gloves!)

Xena with Humbug

Some evil looking Geese....

And my favourite duck....

Thats all for today as I have 50 squillion emails to catch up on! More Christmas piccies tomorrow :o)

Sarah x

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  1. Sorry you were ill during the holiday. I know how that is, except I didnt' have to travel.
    Sounds like you made the best out of it though.