Spring Cleaning

It feels so murky outside at the moment with all the piles of dirty slush everywhere and the fog, its really horrible, it makes me want to get all the things at home shipshape and shiny for the New Year. B spent today cleaning the upstairs of the house (I just have to finish organising my studio) and tomorrow we are shopping for some organisational stuff, we desperately need more storage! I think every crafter thinks that the next box / pot or organiser will change their life, I'm hoping the next one will really get me on track :o)

I also need to transfer everything to my new diary and notebook and get my New Year 'To-Do' list ready to go, file away my old paperwork and make sure my accounts are done to the end of the year (thats actually B's job not mine, I'll just tip out a load of old bags and purses so he has all the receipts, LOL) Then I need to start listing my NY resolutions, I think I have all mine ready and I'm really looking forward to making some changes. I noticed on Facebook / Twitter etc.. that lots of people were talking about their "one little word" which I now know is related to the Ali Edwards class over at Big Picture. I think it's a great idea to have something to keep you on track and I'm pretty sure I know what mine will be. I just need to make something pretty with it on to keep on my desk for the whole year....

Speaking of pretty, check out the lovely ring I wore today *sigh*

Sarah x


  1. I have been doing some cleaning but just not really into the mood. By the way, love your ring!

  2. Ohh your ring is so pretty.
    I so need to clean, but still not motivated. I guess I should just get off my tuft and get at it.

  3. I have been cleaning also!!! guess its the thing to do right. lovely ring btw!!!!

  4. Georgeous ring! Need to clean. Avoiding cleaning. Mentally cleaning.... Good luck!