New Letraset Flexmarkers

I finally got some time to have a play with the new Letraset Flexmarkers the other night, I've been dying to try these out!
I used them on my 'Alice in Wonderland' digi stamp (printed onto bleedproof paper)I've used a slightly different colour scheme as I have mostly light and bright colours so this is like a candy coated Alice in Wonderland scene!
I definitely need some more practice with these as the whole feel of them is very different to Promarkers, you have to have quite a light touch with them as the ink flows a lot more freely through the brush nib and you can quickly find yourself with a lot of ink to move around on the paper. I still need some more practice on this as it was bleeding slightly on some edges despite being bleedproof paper (which is usually fine with Promarkers) you can also get much finer details (although the Promarker fine nibs have helped with this a LOT!)

One of the great things about them was that I noticed the effect of building up shading with just one pen was much easier to achieve, I don't know if thats just the increased flow of ink, but I only had to go over the areas one additional time to get good results, but the thing I loved most about these are the new very pale colours, they are just gorgeous!

One thing I will mention about the pale colours, don't get disheartened with them when you first use them, I started colouring Alice's face and it went grey and I thought 'oh, great, I've got zombie Alice!' and I got very frustrated and put it to one side thinking it had messed it up, but given a few minutes the colour develops into what it should look like - it's just where the alcohol wetting the paper is darker than the colour, once the alcohol evaporates the colour is gorgeous.

This weekend I'll definitely be doing some more practiscing with these (and making a card from this image I've coloured!), if you're used to using Promarkers as I am, it will take a few times to get perfect results but the new colours alone make it worth persevering!

Have a lovely weekend!
Sarah x

p.s. if you're looking for the DT call please see below...


  1. I've received mine today and they flow beautifully, they feel more like a paint brush at times and a little goes a long way ! :)

  2. these look really interesting, Sarah!!

  3. Ooo I love those colours Sarah especially that green. I hope you have a wonderful 'colouring in' weekend. :)

  4. They look fab Sarah, I may have to invest in a few of those.

  5. Ooo Fabby! Thanks for the info Sarah, so nice to be able to see them in action! Kim