Hobbycraft Demo for Kuretake

As I mentioned last week, I spent Saturday at Hobbycraft in Romford, Essex, demoing watercolour and calligraphy pens for Kuretake. The Calligraphy pens especially were very well received and I spent most of the day showing people those, how to start basic handwriting, make flowers and flourishes and blend the colours together on the nib (one little girl was completely convinced that this was achieved by magic!) in fact the children who tried the pens seemed to take to it very naturally, its great to start them young! Maybe Calligraphy will be the next big thing?

I did also try to show the watercolour pens as much as possible throughout the day but only managed to get 2 full images coloured  in that time although lots of people were impressed by my 'bendy nib' demonstration (the pens nibs are made from rubber so don't split like fibre nibs)

I met lots of lovely people who stopped to chat, try the pens and tell me all about their crafting, if you were one of them then 'hello' and thank you for stopping to chat, it made my day very interesting and the time just whizzed past! One man who stopped to chat done the very traditional ink calligraphy with brushes and told me all about that and another man was starting a calligraphy course (if you're reading this, I hope it goes well!) Very embarrassingly, but very sweet, someone also went to the till to tell one of the ladies that they thought I was very pretty and had nice hair, that kept me blushing for a good long time! I don't who that was but it made my day and made me want to crawl into the back room and hide in equal measure! lol

The staff at the store were really lovely and made me feel very at home, popping by to make sure I was OK and see what I was up to at regular intervals :o) if you're local to Romford, please do pop in and check out the store if you haven't already!

Today I was going to have an extra day off to account for my working Saturday but I'm so excited about some of the projects I'm working on that I just can't tear myself away! I'll save my days off for the next bank holiday...

I should also mention that Friday I spent most of the afternoon baking up a storm and creating new recipes for my blog which you will be seeing very soon! One word of advice though, do not try to cook 5 things at once! I almost gave myself a breakdown as I juggled making Cornish (Essex) pasties, Lemon Tarts, Vanilla Cupcakes, Steak & Vegetable pie and a dreamy Apple Pie, yummy but tiring! It's been B's turn to cook since :o)

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the Rico giveaway and the stockist information I know you've been waiting for so you can get your hands on those scrummy papers and the lovely MyMemo range!

Thanks for popping by today
Sarah x


  1. My Guides think it's amazing when I do calligraphy on their award certificates. They did try once with varying success. I don't have the most patient girls!

  2. You shouldn't blush. It's true!
    Glad you had a good day.