A Quick Hello!

Wow, I had 3 emails this morning to ask if I was OK as I hadn't blogged in a week - a WEEK! thats quite possibly the longest ever, no wonder my head feels all full up!

Anyway, to catch you up with my shennanigans, I am most definitely OK, just a bit swamped! (in a good way...) as well as the usual bits and pieces I am working on - new products, new Documented365 kits, new kits for Serif DaisyTrail, some client work and my new illustrations for the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair, there has been a rather exciting development here at Hurley HQ! I can't reveal too much until probably next week but this was something I was approached about back in February, at the time I unfortunately had to turn it down for various reasons but I had an out of the blue email last week to make me another offer, this time I was able to take it up and I'm so excited to be getting everything ready for the launch! At the moment I am working in this relatively organised chaos...
(there is a sneaky peekof a new craft product coming soon to my range right there on my desk!)

I was able to sneak out for a day of shopping and lucnhing with Emma in Selfridges on Tuesday which was fabulous - we rubbed shoulders with Joan Collins in the stationery and gift section, she was looking at cards... and Emma helped me with a few things for my new venture. I must also thank my sister who I have been on the phone to for hours this week, picking her brains and calling on her expertise - I am so lucky to have such helpful lovely people around me - it's nice to help and be helped!

Now, I must grab myself another cup of Earl Grey and get back to it!

Thanks so much for dropping by today
Sarah x


  1. It is, I'm sure, like the tip of the proverbial iceberg - only what we see, not all the hard work that went before your success! Congrats, again, Sarah.

  2. OOh - sounds really exciting. Can't wait for you to reveal. I have been following your activity on facebook so came over when you posted. I'm a bad blogger and don't tweet, so on the odd occasion I go read my facebook page, I act upon interesting posts - so here I am. Iactually mainly use facebook for crafting, so hopefully you will keep us up to date on your 'shinnanigens' there (I know I haven't spelled that right!!)

    Paula x x x

    1. Thank you Paula, shouldn't be too much longer now before I can spill the beans! I will definitely be keeping you up to date on Facebook :o)

      Sarah x