Fuzzybutt Update!

Thank you to everyone who has sent little well wishes for Fuzzybutt, I mentioned on Twitter the other day that she had been a bit ill, she was moping around for a day or two and had a day of being sick, even her tail wasn't wagging, she's usually so happy and lively and noisy and her tail wags so hard it makes her bottom wiggle from side to side so we were a bit worried about her but thankfully, after a day or two she was totally back to normal and she's now her happy, waggy little self again!

I must also thank the fabulous people at Pooch Pack who sent Fuzzybutt (via me) an email asking if she would like to try their fabulous goodie box service, her box came just as she was recuperating and it cheered her up so much. This is what came in her box of treats...
She also got this orange toy you can see in the picture below, she grabbed that out of the box straight away and wouldn't let me take it back for the picture! It smells like vanilla, I think thats probably why! At the moment, she's dragging it around everywhere even though it's really heavy, lol
 She loves these Papaya treats too, look at her big fangs!
I'm just so relieved to see my girl all bouncy again, so thank you to Pooch Pack, from both of us, for putting a spring in her step again! you can check out their website and fab monthly box service here if you have a fur baby :o)

Thanks for dropping by today, I'll be back in a bit with details of my Black friday one day sale, don't miss it!! :o)

Sarah x


  1. Awe bless her, she's so happy that's sure to perk her up. Big tickles.

  2. So glad to hear she's back to her normal self.I just want to pick her up and cuddle her!