New Create & Craft Show Dates!

These are a bit short notice, but I will be back on Create & Craft with the Letraset Hot Foil Machine and the Limited Edition Promarkers...

Wednesday 26th June - 4pm
Friday28th June - 10am - for a 2 hour show!! 

Looking forward to the 2 hour show, my first (though I did once do consecutive hours on Ideal World and Create & Craft) lets hope I can think of enough to say and do, though knowing me I'm guessing running out of things to say won't be a problem! lol

I hope you can tune in and get your emails ready, I'm happy to answer any questions or demo things for you where I can on air.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

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  1. Boo hiss I am not at home, but I can watch or at least record you Friday