Exciting News! Sarah Hurley at Paperchase...

So a couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram, a pretty big hint that I was working on something exciting, remember this...?
and these...?
Well, the first pic was a tiny part of our production line for some very special kits, and the second shows the first pallet of stock going on to that huge lorry outside Hurley HQ, all ready to be delivered to one of my favourite retailers - Paperchase!!!

A few months back I was having a quiet afternoon of designing when my email bing-bonged (as it does about every 10 seconds! lol) I peeked up from my work to see an email from Paperchase, and not just any email, an email from a buyer, who said she loved my work and would I put some things together for them at Paperchase (I deleted my first response that said 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YES!' and typed a much more professional one...) the next couple of weeks I worked on putting together some pre-production samples as they were keen to get a Christmas product in the stores, we came up with this 'Make your own Christmas Card kit' from my Tinseltown Christmas range, which, as you can see, can now be found online at Paperchase (right here in fact!)
 as well as in selected Paperchase stores nationwide...
Here is Carol from my Design Team with the first store sighting in Aberdeen (she selflessly (ha!) volunteered to tour the Paperchase's of Scotland on the hunt for them!) If you spot them in store I'd love to see your pics (you can send me the links, share them over on my Facebook page or tag them with #paperchase #sarahhurley on Instagram / Twitter) if enough of you send them in I may just pick one of them out before Christmas to win a prize (it'll be good, promise!)

This has been an absolute dream come true for me, this was one of those things in the 5 year plan, never did I expect it to happen so soon, I would never have had the courage to approach them just yet, so I'm very very glad they found me! I'll be keeping you posted with updates :o)

Thank you for dropping by today and sharing my excitement!
Sarah x


  1. Will we see you on Dragons' Den one day, Sarah? Who knows! But you are doing very well indeed - bless you! And well done Carol - such devotion to the cause.

  2. How fantastic. I love Paper chase (dammit auto - correct !) and very sad that we do not have a store near us. Will go and look on the website

  3. So very well done Sarah, I can only imagine how excited you are. You should be very proud of yourself xxx

    (Good on carol so selflessly enduring those shopping trips ....... 😜 LoL!)

  4. Congratulations that is fantastic news. I love Paperchase, love browsing through all the notebooks and looking at all the pretty stationery. Well done xxx

  5. omg Aberdeen!! I live near there. I was actually having a little nosy around the store about maybe a week or so ago and spotted them and picked it up because I recognised the name! Love finding stuff like that and hope it works out very well for you!

  6. Such an axciting development, it's no wonder they like your stuff. Well done to Carol - it must have been tough!! The race is on to find the next one :)