Can You Help? Just 6 Days Left!

Today, we are asking you for a teeny bit of help, we have decided to be very brave and try our hand at our first Kickstarter campaign to try and raise money to buy our very own badge making machine for Hurley HQ, we want to bring you more great products like this...
We also want to start a new range of cards and gifts that have been in my head for a while (you know how busy it gets in there!) to get us on our way we are asking for your help, we've just a few days to go and every little helps and we have some fab freebies for our lovely helpers (of course you get that warm fuzzy glow of doing something nice too - thats just a bonus!) You can see all the details over on Kickstarter here.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

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  1. hope you have a lot of luck with your badges! ive got a badger maker myself and its great1!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!