CHA UK One Big Show

This time last week, I was just arriving home from the CHA UK One Big Show after having had a FAB time! I must admit, despite being on the CHA UK board, I was a bit nervous! I've not been in the craft industry for a super long time (just under 4 years) and I don't know that many people in person, usually via phone or email etc... I wondered if I'd be brave enough to talk to anyone - I needn't have worried! I was asked to do an Inspirational talk, my first ever time to do any public speaking (I know I do live TV but you don't see any people then!! lol) then another talk on Creative Blogging and then to collaborate on another talk about trends with another designer, Sara Naumann who has been in the industry for a long time, knows LOTS and someone whose work I knew and admired. I'll be honest, I was nervous, very nervous! But as some of you will know, my life motto is, if it sounds fun, if on any level you want to do it, say yes then work it out! I also don't like being scared of anything so I'll always do the things I'm scared of so I'm not any more (if that makes sense!!)
I spent days writing and refining my seminars, practicing them as much as I could (in the end, I didn't stick to the script! lol) I was as prepared as I could be! I set off on Wednesday for a Board Meeting before the networking event that evening. 
I had about an hour after the meeting to unpack, change and get back downstairs to meet people coming in.
We spent hours networking with people in the industry, meeting new people, catching up with friends and colleagues and getting involved in some of the fun Make & Takes with Coats, Stix 2 and Wilton it was FAB! More than one person (including me!) said that if that was what we came for we would have felt we got great value for money - and we still had a whole day left to go! 

Here is Michelle from Stix 2 leading a Make & Take - I've always been scared of Hot Glue Guns in case I burn myself (silly I know!) but she showed me a really fun demo so I had a go - my fear is cured! 
We also had Jenniffer Taylor from the Great British Sewing Bee on the Coats stand...
and CHA UK chairman Colin Poole with The Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan - now the Creative Director at Start Up Loans Company, who also gave a seminar.
The following morning I was up for a breakfast meeting before the show started (SO excited! can't wait to share the things that happened!!) Even though my seminar was one of the first, I had no time to get nervous as I went straight from that to this... (I should point out this is just a tiny portion of the massive area we were in - the atmosphere was buzzing and there were people everywhere - even those people who came alone - like me! didn't have a moment to feel left out as there was always someone to meet and talk to or something to do.
I had a little time to catch up with some people before heading in to give my Creative Blogging Seminar.  I also had time to sit on some great seminars in between my own and I learned a lot! There was also a big room of experts who you could go and ask questions to in different areas like law, publishing etc... and some companies with great special offers for members - so useful!
I came home from the show feeling braver, more confident, inspired and full of excitement at all the new things to come (I met some great people!) and super super proud to have played a small part and be part of the organisation who put on such a fab event - I can't wait for the next one!! and I hope you'll come and join us. (Click here to join CHA UK now ready for the next event, it's not to be missed!)

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

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