New Business Launch! Introducing Spark Creative...

Today I get to share some exciting news, I shared some sneak peeks at Stitches of something I was working on, a brand new business (running alongside my existing businesses!) with a good friend of mine Diane Rooney - I'm very pleased to tell you about the launch of Spark Creative!
Spark Creative was the merging of our ideas, Di and I had a lunch last year and we got to talking about business and our plans for the year ahead. Di asked me if I would write some content for a new business idea she was working on and I asked her for some help with one of mine, as we started talking, we realised we were basically starting the same business but with different approaches. As we discussed it more, we realised that the strengths in our differences could make a joint venture much more exciting than the two separate ventures we had planned, we merged our ideas, plans and visions together to create Spark Creative!

Spark Creative is an online resource for those of you who have, or are starting, a creative business. We'll be giving you inspiration, business tips, resources and all the things we wished we had known when we started out, including all of the mistakes so we can hopefully help you avoid the same ones and take the first steps to igniting your dream life!

We will be bringing you more information over the coming weeks and you'll start to see information on all of the exciting things we have in store, keep an eye on our new website, blog and Facebook page, or sign up for our email newsletter, for all the news as it happens as well as some great business inspiration and resources.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing in our excitement!
Sarah x

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  1. Yay! Well done to you and Diane, can't wait to see what you've got planned.