Cat Face Origami Step by Step - Papercraft Inspirations

If you've picked up the latest issue of Papercraft Inspirations magazine then you may have seen my pet cards featured! Today I wanted to show you the step by step of the origami cat face featured on this one...
I used DCWV paper from the Blue Citrus Stack - this is really good for origami as there is pattern one side and plain white the other!
To start, I cut a square to 4" x 4" and folded it corner to corner across the diagonal. I then folded the edges together and just pinched a small crease in the middle to mark the centre. Open the square back out and fold the tip of the bottom triangle up to meet the centre, then fold the bottom half up as shown in picture 2.
Fold each side from the middle up to the tip of the triangle. Fold each triangle back on itself (this creates the cat ears!)
Fold the tip of the triangle down and turn the whole thing over, then fold the bottom piece up to the middle to create the white face (you can also fold the very tip of this down to create the nose if you want to!) then embellish the face with googly eyes and whiskers! 

I hope you have fun creating lots of origami cats and I'd love to know what you thought of the whole set of cards when you pick up your issue!

Thank you for dropping by today
Sarah x

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