Family History with Update!

There has been a fair bit of progress with my family history project, I haven't started my scrapbooking of it yet so I won't share too much as I want to show everything properly, but I had a long telephone conversation with my aunt who lives in Cornwall (my Grandads sister) and she told me what she could remember and promised to send me some picturess and bits she had in the post. The package came at the weekend and she had made notes of her parents and their relations as far back as she could remember, her parents wedding certificate and some pictures and little facts she could remember so I have lots to add to my tree on Ancestry and to my scrapbooking project! There was also a CD of pictures from old slides she had - the originals must have been a bit scratched so I have some picture restoration and cleaning to do - but its so fun to see them all!
I have a few more relatives who I plan to quiz soon, including one my aunt has put me in touch with in America - that sounds like a fun story to share with you all soon!

This week I also featured over on the Ancestry blog - yay! You can see the full feature here on their UK blog. I've already had some people contact me after seeing it to share their family history story with me, its so fun to see what people have found, how they have documented it etc... I am going to try and share some of them soon once I've spoken to them a bit more and got their permission to feature them here.

Now I must head back to my studio, I thought I had finished all my magazine submissions this week on Monday (I even took the luxury of finishing a bit early yesterday as it was B's birthday!) but today I had two urgent jobs come in so I have 12 cards to make by Friday - eeeeek! That on top of all the design and other illustration, research and writing work I have on and I'm a very busy girl - no rest for the wicked! ;o)

Thanks for dropping by today.
Sarah x

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  1. congrats, it sounds like you are making great progress with this project, we started working on our family recently, it is great fun to see where we came from