Monthly (ish) Round Up!

I know its not quite the end of March yet but I haven't done a 'My Month in Pictures' post for a while so here we go, lots of instagrams...
I had indulged with a few treats, a cheeky glass of wine and some choccy while working late and cupcakes with a good friend to celebrate. I started working on my family History project with - one of my most exciting projects yet! I became obsessed with Hero Arts stamps and Art Journaled a LOT! Fuzzybutt was cute - thats old news really, she always is! :o) I worked a LOT! and discovered this old pic of me working when I was just a tiddler - thats probably why I'm such a workaholic now, I started young! I'm still writing and researching and designs for my new products are underway even before the current ones have finished production - its a crazy manically busy time and there is more excitement on the horizon that I can't wait to share!

Today I have been to the doctors yet again (thats twice in less than a week!) this time because I woke up with my face swollen hugely on one side (it was even affecting my eye!) it went down a bit over the course of the day but the doctor says I have an infection above my gum, under my cheekbone - I'm now on a super strong course of antibiotics for a week to get rid of it, hopefully in the next day or two I'll get my real face back!

Now I'm back to the drawing board as I have lots of big deadlines due this week - eeeeeek!

Thanks for popping by

Sarah x


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon and it isn't too painful. Love your pictures they are a great document of March and love that journal page in there :)

  2. love the pic's!! get to feelin better, you have too much to do:

  3. Great pictures...hope you feel better REAL SOON~! Sending you some good thoughts!

  4. Great pics, especially the cake & the galaxy. Fuzzybutt looks stunningly poochie cute too. feel better soon.
    C xx

  5. I love the little red headed tiddler at the typewriter. Were you doing your playschool homework on it?Hope your feeling a bit better - lots of TLC etc.xx