Catching Up

Today I'm going to catch you up on lots of things, its been a busy time for the last few weeks which has left me hardly any time to blog - naughty!

Firstly, a quick and easy card made with my new Britannia CD...
All of the elements and the Gramophone paper are from the 'Heritage' collection on the CD - I used the pre coloured images of Henry 8th and Queen Elizabeth 1st (although there are black and white versions for you to colour on there also!) The only things I added were the scrap of kraft paper and a piece of brown and white twine, everything else is printed from the CD - pretty good right? ;o) If you haven't got your copy yet, you can get hold of it here.

Secondly, after the great response I got to the new 'Craft Basics' range launched a few days ago, I decided to create 'Scrap Basics' for those of you who love to digi scrap

They will also tie in with another little announcement I have to share with you in a few weeks, watch this space! ;o) You can get hold of these kits here in my shop.

Finally, I shared some pretty amazingly exciting news over on my Facebook page today, I will be sharing it here on my blog next week but if you just can't wait, head on over there to see what I'll be starting work on next week - squeeeee!

Now I'm off for a very quick dinner with B (you won't believe this but I've resumed my learning to cook and its actually going pretty well, I'll be sharing some of my receipes and pics of my first non-disaster cooking EVER here soon!) Then later I will be back hard at work on some new designs which I can't wait to share with you.

Apologies this was a bit long and rambly, lol, things are a bit of a whirlwind at the moment, exciting times ahead! :o)

Thanks for stopping by today
Sarah x


  1. I did see your news on FB~so happy for you!!! you are so talented and BTW~super cute card and love the images!!!

  2. What a fun card! Those historical figures are adorable.

  3. Wonderful news Sarah, love your card too. I will not be trying to learn to cook again,I admire you for it though, I will be leaving the cooking to Hubs :D

  4. Oh my, those little people are so cute! Wonderful card.