Cookery Corner - Jubilee Sausage Rolls (and free Bunting!)

Today I'm sharing the recipe for Sausage Rolls, these are B's favourite (I always keep some in the freezer for him) and perfect for the upcoming Jubilee weekend, whether you're having a street party or celebrating at home!
Jubilee Sausage Rolls


1 pack pre-made puff pastry (you can make your own but it's a faff and tastes really no different!)
400grams Pork Sausage Meat (or slice open around 8-12 sausages, depending on size, and scoop the meat out of the skins)
half a teaspoon of English Mustard
a small handful of golden breadcrumbs
one egg, beaten
pinch of mixed herbs
Black Pepper
egg wash - one egg beaten with a splash of milk

Pre-heat your oven to a medium heat (in my electric oven I use 180)
Roll out your puff pastry into a big rectangle until its about a quarter of inch thick
Cut down the middle so you're left with two long, thinnish rectangles
Tip the sausage meat into a bowl, add the mustard, breadcrumbs, pepper, mixed herbs and beaten egg
If you're squeamish you can mix this in a food processor but I prefer to use my hands and smoosh (yes, its a word!) everything together until its well mixed
Split the mixture into two and add one half to each piece of pastry
Spread out down the middle lengthways so you have a long thin strip of meat down the middle of each piece of pastry
Brush a line of egg wash down one long side of the pastry and wrap over, sealing the edges (I like to bring the bottom piece up to create a little lip of pastry wrapped over the edge - it makes a more secure join to ensure they don't split in the oven)
Cut each big roll into small rolls and put on a baking tray
Brush well with egg wash over the top and sides
Bake for 20-25 mins or until golden brown


If you're having a Jubilee Party you may find the free printable Union Jack Bunting I made for the Royal Wedding useful, just print and string together, click on the picture below to get your download!
Finally I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my new digi kits, I'm so glad you're loving them!!

Have a lovely weekend :o)

Sarah x


  1. Would love to download your bunting but it keeps telling me that the link is invalid - Help!!!

    1. Hi Glennis
      I've just tried it and it seems to be OK. If you're still having problems try cutting and pasting this direct link -

      Have a great weekend!
      Sarah x