Today started off perfectly, sun was shining, birds were singing, blah blah blah..... I decided to spend the day in my studio preparing samples for the show when......

......I opened the built in closet and evrything fell out!!!!!!! one of the shelves had come loose and everything was resting against the door - luckily I didn't get anything broken (bones or stash!) OH managed to help me get everything back in a reasonable state and he's going to fix it tomorrow while I'm out - I just can't watch! I go into full "Hyacinth Bucket" mode and start telling him to be careful of everything etc etc... so I'll leave him to get on with it and come back to it all done - it's for the best! LOL

In the end I did manage to make a few samples and finish my bunting for my studio - will post a pic soon! but the chaos around me was REALLY not helping! So I gave it up as a lost cause and decided to come back downstairs to work on my CD's and do some drawing. I think I may have figured how how to do a downloadable freebie which I will post next week - as well as some more exciting news I have to share!

Also, for tomorrow I am preparing another sneak peek - I was sooooo nervous to post the first one but I got such wonderful feedback that I feel better about posting another one! (if you missed it, please see below....)

I hope you are all having lovely crafty relaxing sunny weekends!

Sarah x


  1. Oh, that's no fun! I'm glad nothing was broken!

  2. Glad nothing was broken. Hope your OH gets cupboard sorted today and you can get on with crafting.