Welcome Mummy!

So today I welcome the third member of my design team - my mum!!

so what lovely things can I tell you about her.... she's a mum of 4 (me and my 3 squishies - my poor dad is outnumbered by girlies!) and has always encouraged all of us to be artsy and creative, so I guess I have a lot to thank her for! She cooks lovely cakes and passable other food - she uses the smoke alarm as a timer... she loves animals and has a whole load, me and my dad are actually trying to talk her out of getting some chickens..... She wears purple eyeliner, which is probably why its my favourite colour in the whole world! and she stays up later than anyone I know - want a chat at 4am? she'll be awake and ready to take that call!!! She took the brave step today of starting her very first blog to show off her work - you can follow here. Today is her birthday - so please wish her happy birthday when you visit!!

I'm so looking forward to seeing what she creates with my designs - I know she has lots of ideas already!

So welcome mummy, glad to have you!

Thats all for my design team news now until I find the last few to complete my team (see DT call a few posts below)

Sarah x

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  1. Welcome Ev...off to join your blog....loving the purple eyeliner :-)

    Debs x