Bank Holiday Fun!

Hope you have all enjoyed your bank holiday? I've been working for most of it as I had to make sure the CD was finalised ready to be sent off for production tomorrow - eeek! Soooo looking forward to getting my pre-production samples at the end of the week!!! My actual CD - not just one I made at home but a properly printed one in a properly printed case - my excitement knows no bounds!!!

Despite the working I still enjoyed myself, the weather didn't look up to much anyway and yesterday was soooo windy - our Sky wasn't working all day - OH was very close to flinging the box out of the window and my Terry Pratchett recording messed up - luckily its repeated today as it looks fabbo and I would have been gutted to miss it.

Fuzzybutt pooch has loved us both being home all the time and has been taking it in turns to snuggle with each of us - she's such a little doll, I love her!

Also, this is my last full week of being in my 20's as next week I turn 30!! Do I have to start acting like a proper grown up then? I certainly hope not! I have flitted between being OK with turning 30 and being depressed about it but I figure 30 isn't that old now and I look a LOT younger, bwahahahaha (no really, I actually do, a bit anyway.....)

Also, just to let you know that Debs has had to change her blog and can now be found here.

Thank you for all those people that have e-mailed me regarding the Design Team positions - you really are a talented bunch and it's going to be a very tough decision! You have until Sunday to get your emails in to me if you haven't yet done it...

Sarah x

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  1. Wow, if you have to act like a grown-up when you turn 30 I'm in heaps of trouble. LOL! :)