All Done!

Today I finished the CD and sent off to be produced - this is quite scary as its now all done and I can't change it, I just have to hope people like it! The control freak in me wants to camp out at post box, snatch it back and do it all over again! but I know I've really done my best, I've had great feedback and I have to relax now and just let it be - difficult for me!

In celebration I've painted my nails barbie pink - something else I never do! (I always have plain or dark nails) I wanted to do something to mark the end of what has been a long and exciting process! Sounds silly I suppose, but its my equivalent of putting on some red lippy or getting highlights done - a little 'pick me up'

I've also been planning my birthday shennanigans up and down the country - one of the benefits of having lived in the north and the south is my two sets of friends and family - meaning I get to party at each end of the country - I'm so excited and hope I won't be disappointed, there is always the danger you build it up too much in your head! I'm trying not to overthink it and just be thankful I will get to see everyone over the next week or two and spend some time in both places I am lucky enough to call home!!

So for the rest of the week I'm tying up all the loose ends, replying to all the emails I havent had chance to, reviewing design team applications (still a couple of days if you havent yet sent yours in!) and working on a couple of other projects. Will also be great to get everything off to the current design team girls - can deliver my mums personally (only 4 days mum! woo!!)

Sarah x


  1. WHOOP will you sleep?!....cant wait to get started....and hope your birthday is a blast :-)...Debs x

  2. Nice you get two celebrations.
    Don't worry it is out of your hands, just breath and relax.