Whippets, Flat Caps and Paper!

I'm up north with the family at the moment for a little early 30th Birthday celebration with the family and my oooop north friends. I've had some lovely pressies (I know thats naughty as it isnt the actual day yet but Mummy and Daddy said it was OK and I wasn't going to refuse was I?? LOL) I've also had a lovely blue sparkly cake with cherries and buttercream icing - it should be the absolute law that cakes must all be made that way - YUM!

I've also had chance to see everyone creating things with my CD - so nice to see everyone doing something a bit different! My first show is fast approaching (the 17th June) and the jittery nerves are just starting to creep in!

I've had some fabby design team applications and will be reviewing them all this week - I'll be contacting those who make it on Friday / Saturday - sorry to leave you in suspense, I know the horrible waiting feeling well but I'm travelling back to Essex Wednesday and its my Birthday Thursday so Friday will be the first chance I have to do it (and thats if I've managed to decide - I wish I could say yes to everyone!!)

I also have another little revelation coming later in the week as well as some pics of the Design Teams work - lovely lovely stuff, I hope you will agree!

Sarah x

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  1. your ooop north and neva offered me a slice!! ;-)

    enjoy your family time and have a fabulous birthday..look forward to finding out who the new teamies are...
    Debs x