Emotional Rollercoaster!

Ive just read over some of my blog posts from the last few days and realise just how chirpy I sound, just so you don't get the wrong idea and think I'm one of those annoyingly 'perfect happy people', I dont live on a fluffy cloud being fed cherry bakewells and stroking puppies! I can honestly say that the last few weeks and months (and probably years!) have been a total emotional rollercoaster and I have my bad days as well as my good, in fact they seem to follow one another into massive highs and lows!! So to those friends of mine who seem to stay up to date with my life entirely through my blog these days, I apologise, its not that Im avoiding you, its just that my massive highs (for which I am truly grateful - I do realise how lucky I am) are almost inevitably followed by crashing lows of misery and self doubt where I don't want to talk to anyone, sometimes not even my OH! The journey to this point has not always been an easy one and none of this "dropped in my lap" I have worked and worked and will continue to do so until I feel I've achieved enough (ha!) nothing short of perfection is good enough and I'm my own worst critic. So a big THANK YOU to all my supporters and cheerleaders who share both the good times and the bad with me - you know who you are and I feel blessed to know each and every one of you!

Now I'll stop babbling on and post some pretty pics, thats what you're here for right? LOL

Here are some layouts done recently that I hadn't yet shared.....

The first one is of my my little sisters - you're probably very familiar with them by now as they are my main scrapbook topic! and the second is one of me with my teddy (thats not quite as recent.... LOL) I still have him, although he hasn't fared quite as well as me over the years (if I do say so myself!) he's not bad for an old bear though!

I am also counting down to the release of the Studio Calico kit on Monday - another 5am start for me!! Its soooooo gorge though - check it out here

Sarah x


  1. babbling is good :)
    love the layouts and so so impressed you get up at 5am for their kits, LOL...i can never do that!

  2. fab LO's.

    Doing your very best is good, perfection just never happens and leads to a lot of upset and misery.....but thats just my opinion/thought/belief (for what its worth lol)

    Be proud and happy with what youve achieved - to me you have achieved a lot....and I admire you.

    So, stop being hard on yourself and be proud....and when feeling low remind yourself how far youve come!

  3. I think a lot of us can identify with you sarah. i certainly can. A lot of people think i am a chirpy fun character all the time.. but i do have my dark times and they are more often than people think. Thats what makes us Human and not machines.
    Love the layouts and lovely that they are of your sisters who obviously give you a lot of love and strength - and obviously the one of your teddy who is obviously one of your oldest faithful friends. I am a new acquantance - but look forward to becoming a friend