Tuesday News

So the heat finally got too much for me to bear and I turned into an irritable monster, snapping at everyone and everything in my path! Im glad to know I'm not the only one as some other people have said to me they have been the same! Anyway.... enough moaning! I've decided as I've been such a horrendous grump and compained about the heat pretty much every day that I'm going to do another free download to make it up to you peeps. It will be on the blog later this week and will again co-ordinate with both Woodland Whimsies CD's.

Thanks again to everyone that has placed orders in the last few days, most went out today in time to be delivered to you for the 1st July (OH would like it to be known that it took 2 trips, LOL) and some more are going out tomorrow - he is packing as we speak!

New things and exciting news are coming this way very soon and I can't wait to share - as always I'm literally bursting with secrets! and I'm soooooo bad at holding them in (although I always do!)

I'm off for an early night now as I want to get up super early to take fuzzybutt out while it's still quite cool - she hates this heat, poor thing. Also have some pics being taken tomorrow so will need the extra hours for applying the slap - I hate having my pic taken, which is mostly why I have my little cartoon face!

Ooooooh, and before I forget! pop over to Shell's blog to see one of her lovely creations with Woodland Whimsies 2 - I LOVE it!

Sarah x

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