Coming Soon!

Have been working on lots of new "coming soon" things today, new things, new opportunities, all very exciting! Today I actually squealed with excitement!!! (twice) so I can't wait to be able to tell you why!

Also been catching up with all the loose ends that invariably happen - the trouble with us creative types is the paperworky / admin stuff is the first thing to slip yet causes chaos if you don't attend to it. I'm very lucky that my OH takes care of managing the 'business' side of things allowing me to be free to create for most of the time, but I still have to attend to things like marketing etc... but I think I'm nearly caught up (I've been spacing it out between the fun creative, messy stuff!)

Thank you for your lovely comments on the show samples and the download from yesterday :o)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll blog something a bit more interesting - today my brain has melted and I'm distracted by the cherry bakewells sitting next to the sofa, calling me.....

Sarah x


  1. I can't wait to find out lol!... enjoy the cherry bakewells - they sound well deserved ,, my partner just came in with a Yorkie Mcflurry for me ... mmm it was scrummy!
    Enjoy your evening
    Lisa ;)

  2. i think i'd be squealing if i had the bakewells or mcFlurry at the moment!! forward to the "news"...Debs x

  3. lol Sarah! sound good, I'll keep my eyes open, well done with the C&C show, seen it!!!!!! Hugs Jo xxxx

  4. you are such a tease Sarah lol keeping news to yourself and cherry bakewells hee hee.CD still not here maybe tomorrow!!

    hugs Clare