So it's here, the big day is tomorrow (12 noon) and I have soooo many butterflies! I hope you will all be watching.... (you musn't laugh at me if I do anything wrong though!) Today I have been finalising all the samples to show you - with the help of the lovely Karen who I thank from the bottom of my heart - how I would have done it without her I really don't know!

My TV listing is HERE - check it out!!

if you would like to order in advance you can do so here:

Woodland Whimsies 1 - Item Number 166378

Woodland Whimsies 2 - Item Number 166379

These are £14.99 each or you can take advantage of the special multibuy offer!!

Woodland Whimsies 1&2 Multibuy - Item Number 166380 - £24.99

So excited to show you whats on here and some samples - here is a sneaky peek of CD2 - although you will see more tomorrow!

Don't judge me for looking like I haven't slept in a week - I haven't!! LOL

See you tomorrow!

Sarah x


  1. Break a leg sarah! Have the timer all set!
    Lisa ;)

  2. sure everything will go fabulously!!..good luck chick..Debs x

  3. Good luck for tomorrow. I wont be able to watch as im heading to work at 12, but ill try to catch the next one!
    Anika x

  4. I've just come across your blog while watching you on C&C today! I love your images and idea's they're so cute! Well done on a fantastic show, you were like a pro and showed how easy it is to navigate your cd's! Well done! I'm off to have a nosey around your blog.

  5. Lovely work. So cute and different. x