Freebie Day!

Firstly I have to say what a record number of entries we've had for the Colouring Challenge this week - obviously not too surprising considering the lovely prizes up for grabs!! (Thank you Letraset) If you haven't entered yet what are you waiting for?! Pop over now and take a look :o)

Secondly, I did of course promise you a freebie download today and I'm not one to go back on that promise, so here you go, a set of 3 Spooky Halloween Tags - just click on the image to download

Please send me the links to your makes with them or enter them in the upcoming challenges - we'd love to see!

I've been working on a new product that I hope to launch in November - I'll have news of that for you soon!

Yesterday we had the lamb, I have to be honest I wasn't keen, I had two mouthfuls but heavily disguised the second one with mustard, its all weird and icky - I'll stick to chicken thanks! So today I decided to have a go at cooking, anyone that knows me knows I'm not remotely domesticated despite my mad daydreams of floating round my kitchen in a Cath Kidston apron whipping up cakes and pies a'la Nigella the most I can actually manage is some toast or maybe Super Noodles if you're lucky! I get bored of waiting for stuff to happen and then get distracted and it invariable burns - hey ho. So tonight was my chance to prove I am in fact a total domestic godess and..... I blew it! It was edible and didn't have us rushing for the take away menus as many of my other attempts have but OH very tactfully said he would go back to cooking tomorrow *sigh* its for the best.....

I did end up giving in to temptation on QVC yesterday but just for one pack of Kraft card which was less than a tenner - hardly a splurge is it! LOL. I'm sooo in love with Kraft card at the moment - I'm in the process of whipping up a bunch of kraft goodies especially for my Etsy shop :o)

Finally please could you pop over here and rate this video a '5' this is for such a good cause 'A place to bark' run by the very talented artist Bernie Berlin, she rescues and cares for so many dogs and is such an inspiration - how I'd love to be surrounded by dogs and art - I'm halfway there! Just need more pooches :o)

Sarah x


  1. cute download! And I love kraft!!!

  2. Oh Sarah ... no surprises i have grabbed those downloads... well i mean only a week left to the big party lol!
    I dont like lamb either - so join the club!!
    Lisa ;)

  3. Super cute tags, Sarah!