Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I just love Halloween, it's one of my favourite days of the year and it only gets better from here - Halloween, Firework Night and the CHRISTMAS!! wooooooo!

I was going to launch my new CD today but it's not quite ready so instead I will be aiming for firework night, will keep you posted of it's progress!

Today I got a little bit of time in my studio, with no actual projects to do, just to do whatever I want! So first i tidied up - you wouldn't believe how much paper I had stashed away that I had completely forgotten about - some of it is from over 5 years ago!! I separated all the whole sheets from the cut sheets - this is just the whole sheets - yikes!

and thats just 12 x 12 patterned paper!! I have about half as much again plain Bazzill and Prism and dread to think what would happen if I added A4 to it! oh dear, I hope OH never see's this, its safely tidied away again now......

I also made a quick vintagey project - I wanted to use crackle paint! and I had a little idea in my head, excuse the funny light, it was dark by the time I had finished.

I've also started blogging for Essex Life magazine, I hope you will pop over and take a look, bit nervous as this is my first official writing project for someone else, usually I just write instructions for craft projects and my own ramblings here or in my art journal.

Before I go please pop over to Lisa's blog to see the pics of her Halloween party, looks like fun!!

Sarah x


  1. what a wonderful project...really like the crackle painted frame.

  2. LOve that project .
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN SARAH.... bring on the fireworks
    Lisa ;)

  3. I love this frame, Sarah. How vintage and pretty! It certainly is a fun time of the year~

  4. very cute project. love it.

  5. Your project is beautiful. Love the vintage feel

  6. Love this project :)
    I pulled out my crackle paints a couple of days ago and they've all dried out :( anyone got any tips for how to soften them up again??

  7. Congratulations on the writing assignment for the magazine. Great job! Love your project. I would like to work with crackle paint soon. Wish me luck!

  8. Love your vintage project! I know what you mean about sorting paper! I had to file over 20 inches in January. Good luck with your writing.