A Very Merry Christmas!

It's Home Sweet Home for me and back to work today! We made the trek north to my parents house for Christmas (not nearly as bad this year without the snow - yay!) I also managed to wrangle the very heavy Fuzzybutt into a baby sling so I didn't have to carry her the whole way - it was a huge help despite the 'crazy lady' looks I received on public transport (yes, I do realise that this hairy lump isn't a baby! lol) I did have a small crisis the night before, as we were preparing to leave, I fell down the stairs - isn't that typical! I think I was just *too* prepared, lol. no serious injuries luckily just a sprained wrist (another thing the baby / dog sling was a blessing for!) and ankle which healed after a few days of rest and tlc - I can now draw again - yay!

Now I am spending the next 24 hours getting myself ready for the year ahead, plans to be made, resolutions to be journaled and planned for and my one little word for next year to be decided upon... I've already cleared my office area, I still have my studio to do and my Christmas crafty things to pack away for another year, the Christmas songs have come off my iPod and the cards are down *sigh* and bright springy craft projects are being planned and started - exciting times ahead!

I hope you all had a magical Christmas and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead - I know it's going to be a GREAT one! :o)

Sarah x


  1. I'm glad you're recovered from your fall. Happy new year and I look forward to all the new shiny things to come. Lucky fuzzybutt to be carried anyway;)

  2. Glad you had a Magical Christmas Sarah x - Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - Here is to a Wonderful 2012 x