End of the Week...

I made it! the deadline was made, I worked over 18 hours on that last day but it all got done (yay!) so exciting! To give you an idea I've worked on something close to 1000 images, designs and patterns since the end of August - how crazy is that! All of the ranges were planned then all of the images and patterns had to be sketched, colour matched, scanned, redrawn, recoloured, printed, checked and put into their final formats and print files, it was definitely the most hectic and the most fun workload I've ever taken on! I did celebrate by taking yesterday off, no computer, no blackberry, no phone, no emails, no twitter, facebook or anything, I just slept, mooched about and snuggled Fuzzybutt, it was fab!

Of course I'm back to work today and now I'm working on the packaging for all of the products and another range of products (still craft but something slightly different) I also have a bit more time to dedicate to a couple of big projects that I'm working on with my Design Team - you're going to love whats coming and it won't be much longer now!! I'm also catching up on a ton of illustration work, lots of DT projects and I may even get round to replying to some of the 600 and something emails I still have to send replies to - eeeeek! (I reply to urgent ones straight away but general things have been left while I've been in this manic phase!)

This fortnight we also have a great Christmassy challenge up on the Challenge Blog with one of my favourite companies, Letraset, as the sponsor - pop over and win yourself some lovely spring promarkers ready for the new year!

Have a great weekend!
Sarah x

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