The Craft Academy launch!

I mentioned yesterday that today I would be telling you about something new and exciting, and today is the day, it's finally here! I've been working on this for ageeeeees with my Design Team, we've all been so excited and dying to tell!  but we had to make sure we were fully prepared first as this is a HUGE project!

Today we launch The Craft Academy! This is a brand new website that will provide weekly inspirational projects and tutorials for all kinds of crafts including card making, scrapbooking and altered art as well as introducing you to other crafts, these will range from beginners projects to advanced. We have a number of fab sponsors helping us along the way providing us with their expertise also and we have a couple of developments to still be announced in the next few weeks including a new product range to accompany this (eeek, too excited!), so keep an eye out for all the news over on Craft Academy or here on my blog!

Also running alongside Craft Academy is the Crafty Kids Academy the same concept but for your little (and not quite so little) ones, there will be projects for all ages from teeny weenys to teens, as well as competitions, challenges and giveaways so they can craft along with you. (These projects are fun for adults too so pop over and check them out!)

For more info please pop over to the Craft Academy and Crafty Kids Academy websites and take a look - the first 'lessons' will be posted next week and we hope you will come and join us!

Sarah x


  1. Whhhooo Hoooo congrats Sarah!! fab news xx

  2. Nice one Sarah :-)
    Claire xx

  3. Sounds like a great adventure. Best Wishes on their success.

  4. Sounds great! Congrats on this exciting venture!

  5. Yay! So excited Sarah, well done you :D
    C xx

  6. Congrats Sarah, and good luck with your new venture.
    xx Vee