Friday Feeling

I have to say, the end of this week didn't come quickly enough, ick! But now its Friday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with B and Fuzzybutt, I have some things to think about, some potentially difficult decisions to make and whole list of things to do - I'm looking forward to getting things clear in my mind again.

Today the second Crafty Kids Academy lesson went up - a colouring-in page download. I love to colour in, always have! so hopefully your little ones will love it too, I'd love to see the finished pictures so please feel free to share.


Today was sentencing day for my uncles killer, I'm relieved to say he got life, with a minimum of 21 years. We are pleased that justice has been done. You can see the details here.

Thank you again for your lovely messages of support. 

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by, lets hope next week is a brilliant one to cancel this one out!

Sarah x