Playing Catch Up

Doesn't it always feel like you're playing catch up? it's always "once this out of the way, I'll be OK" but of course that never actually happens because then more stuff happens!! So this week my aim is to actually "catch up" for real!! I have so many projects half started and so many deadlines getting scarily close!!

I also have some illustrations to do for my sister Xena, who has written her first ever book at the age of just 10 and has kindly given me the commission to illustrate it - I feel very honoured to be given such an important job and hope I can do it justice - I have been practising drawing cows for a few weeks now and think I have finally perfected the whimsical style she was hoping for with her story.

My other sister Harley is also writing a book about horses (she may be a tad horse obsessed!) so I now have to perfect the art of drawing horses too - such talented little squishes I have!! No wonder I have the constant urge to scrapbook their every move!! Hopefully I'll get my pics back tomorrow so I can do just that

I also have to mention Lucky the Wonder Dog! (isn't he adorable?? not quite as cute as my little Belle - his girlfriend - but pretty darn close!)

He is the fur baby of Karen from Scrapshed - he is doing the Sport Relief mile this Sunday to raise money for a very worthy cause and on those little stumpy legs its a very brave undertaking! I just hope Karen and Bruce take lots of water and are ready to rub his little paws at the other end - what a trooper! You can sponsor him here

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