After a big break from Scrapbooking (it's been months!) I started again last week and I still love it! (even more if thats possible) I spent all day in my studio doing layout after layout - mostly all about my little sisters - kids are so easy to scrapbook as their photos capture exactly what they are thinking and feeling and are not as posed as adults ones tend to be - if they're sulking, you know about it!! Have now got another load of pics being printed so I don't lose my mojo again! Here is some of my hard work from the last few days....

This weeks aim is to improve my photography skills, looking at some of my pics I think they can be a bit dark and not as sharp as Id like, so im going to actually read the manual for my camera instead of randomly pushing buttons, and work out how to improve. Its so important to try and constantly learn and improve don't you think? thats why I'm such a study junkie I think. Speaking of which I have an OU assignment to finish!!

Toodles x

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